Power Pack #12: Underground

You can listen to the episode by clicking: Episode 13. Don’t be sad, we are back with a brand new episode of Power Pack!!! And, as Jeff so eloquently(?) sings, we are back in the sewers again!  On the hunt for their lost backpacks, the team of pre-teens head into the dark…and meet a mess […]

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Interview with June Brigman

Episode 12 Our first interview!!!    And it is with June Brigman!!!       And it was sooooo cool!! Join us for this very special episode as we get the amazing opportunity to speak with the co-creator and first artist of Power Pack. June was kind enough to answer questions about how she got her start […]

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Power Pack #11: Problems

  Power Pack Episode 11 In this episode, Tone Deaf Rick and Pom Pom Jeff follow the kids as they dive to new depths, in the sewers? What, wait…that cannot be safe. And it is not. But they have to throw away their safety, sanity, and sense of smell in order to save a kitten………seriously…..a […]

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Power Pack #9: Fish Tale

Power Pack Episode 9 It is time for a new arc and a new adventure! The Power children are taken to the aquarium for a pleasant afternoon with their grandpa. Too bad there is a GIANT ALIEN SNAKE that spoils their good time. Man, I hate it when that happens. It reminds me of this […]

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Power Pack #8: Monsters

Power Pack Episode 8 The final issue of the Dragon Man/Cloak and Dagger arc….Hooray! The children were left in a perilous position in the final pages of last issue. There is drugs, robots, fighting, and dancing. So many questions were asked, but probably none of them were like this.   What beer will see the […]

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