Power Pack #8: Monsters

The final issue of the Dragon Man/Cloak and Dagger arc….Hooray! The children were left in a perilous position in the final pages of last issue. There is drugs, robots, fighting, and dancing. So many questions were asked, but probably none of them were like this.   What beer will see the talkative twosome of Jeff […]

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Power Pack #6: Secrets

What do you get when you mix four young superheroes, Spider-man, a synthetic dragon, a couple of mutated runaway teens, a kidnapped professor, and a variety of opportunities to sing?….a cacophony of chaos. Jeff and Rick try to keep up with the powered up pre-teens as they hop around New York chasing adventure.  And, through […]

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Power Pack #5: Homecoming

A young lad goes on a quest through the magic world of Hyrule….wait….this is Power Pack, not Legend of Zelda.  In that case, let us tell you the story of the Power family, now back on Earth, after being kidnapped by Aliens. Their house is destroyed, their mental facilities are in questionable shape, a psychopath […]

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Power Pack #4: Rescue

  With beers in hand, the dungeon dwelling duo join the questing quartet as they search a snark ship for their parents and a way to escape. Will the children be recaptured? Will they argue? Will Katie lose her tooth? Spoiler alert….YES!   Jeff and Rick continue to throw caution and accents to the wind […]

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Power Pack #3: Kidnapped!

In this episode, a discussion about the new game of car tossing makes the demented duo reminisce about an orange car while drinking an IPA. They also talked about a comic book. Jack takes the lead as the Snarks finally succeed in their war against against a small clutch of children. It really is embarrassing […]

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Power Pack #2: Butter Fingers

In this episode, Jeff and Rick attempt to break their personal record of the number of podcasts they have produced by doubling their library…..will they succeed? Who knows!! Also, they compare Skeletor to Nixon, determine the morality of babies stealing candy from adults, and some science stuff.  And the kids get some snazzy new costumes…..Whoo […]

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