The New Warriors: Overview #1

You can listen to the episode by clicking: Episode 90 With special guest star Corey (@NewWarriorsTalk) from the New Warriors Continuity Conundrum and covering: The New Warriors #47 – 50 Night Thrasher #11 – 12 Nova #6 – 7 OK, what is going on. This is a Power Pack Podcast and it is not Halloween. […]

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Interview with Hilary Barta

You can listen to the episode by clicking: Episode 89 Another interview….are we insane!!!????!!! Well, maybe. We were not sure what we would be getting into once we asked Power Pack Inker Hilary Barta to talk with us…and we are still not sure what happened, but we do know it was a lot of fun. […]

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Interview with Carl Potts

You can listen to BOTH the episodes by clicking: Episode 87 and Episode 88. Like Pokeman, we gotta catch them all. Carl Potts was the original editor of Power Pack, and shepherded the book for 52 issues. As the editor, he not only brought together world class talent for the book, but he also developed […]

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