Power Pack #18: Kurse!

You can listen to the episode by clicking: Episode 21.


Good news and bad news time kids. The good news is that we have another excellent edition of our (soon to be) award winning podcast. The bad news is that this is a Secret Wars II tie in episode. The other good news is that the comic is still really really good despite being tied to an inferior product. The other bad news is that The Beyonder makes an appearance and something really bad happens to a member of the Power family. The other other good news is that the cover is done by Walt Simonson…….But then this happens….


Jeff has just handed me an editing note telling me to knock off the good/bad news schtick……that would be the other bad news.

Please Point at the Jerk

Additionally, we talk about Kipling, the new She-Ra being amazing, the benefits of revenge, live in teleporting house guests, and the worst way to drink a tire fire masquerading as a beer. All this and more!!!! Just look into my EYE!!!!

Dead Eye

Also, please check out Sean ( @Sean42AZ ) and Greg’s ( @garaujo1 ) excellent Secret Wars and Beyond podcast to learn more about Secret Wars II.          http://secretwars.libsyn.com/-marvels-secret-wars-beyond-season-2-episode-6 And if you don’t, we will send Alex after you!

Gimmee your lunch money

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Head over heals



Eighties Action by Kevin MacLeod
Link: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/3703-eighties-action
License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

Crunk Knight by Kevin MacLeod
Link: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/3566-crunk-knight
License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

2 thoughts on “Power Pack #18: Kurse!

  1. If I had taken a drink every time you guys said “REVENGE!”, I’d … really need to go to the bathroom.

    What happened to Maggie was so awful in this issue! I couldn’t agree more with your take on it. To me, the incident is much worse in that she doesn’t see it coming. Just walking out of the store, and Kurse hits her with no warning. I must admit, that really gets to me. Brent’s depiction of her on that page are horribly great. This is not superheroics, this is real tragedy. Power Pack have grown up a lot in this series, but this issue took away some of their innocence.

    Yes, the Beyonder is the worst. I’ve shared plenty o’ thoughts on SW&B’s website already so I’ll spare you guys from that. You … did know I listen to other podcasts, right? Don’t look at me that way!

    Kurse can’t be the first example of super-strong single-minded smasher, but on this reading, I was reminded of Doomsday marching into Metropolis to fight Superman, around 10 years after this story. Considering how well Power Pack did against Kurse, maybe Supes needed some pint-sized heroes to help him out. Ooo, Sugar and Spike reboot perhaps?

    Seriously, the Pack was seriously outclassed in terms of raw power by Kurse, and did a tremendous job fighting him. Louise wrote a fabulous story, showing how good all of the kids have gotten with their powers in this issue. Big kudos!

    I also must say I’m glad you’re covering the big guest appearances of PP in other comics. Their story wouldn’t be complete excluding them, and they’re some great comics. It’s also fascinating that in less than 2 years, PP is being used all over! I’m sure the Marvel marketing machine is part of the reason, but this is a really great measure of the series’ success by this point.

    A Hildy/Katie team-up would be fabulous! You guys can make that happen, right? Don’t look at me that way!

    See you next time, Pack-men!

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    1. REVENGE! Sorry, that is a little hard to get out of the system as it is fun to say.

      Wait, you listen to podcasts other than ours? You have some side pod, Rick has some side pod…and I have to admit for full discloser, that occasionally I will listen to another podcast as well. It feels good to get that off my chest.

      The Pack did do a really great job in dealing with Kurse. I mean in the sense that while they didn’t really beat him, they did a great job delaying him. I think that in the end that Kurse would win against them as eventually New York would run out of buildings for them to drop on him.

      You are correct, the marketing machine did it’s job in cross promoting these characters. It is nice to see them being a counter point/ friend to a lot of these loner characters. Kind of makes me smile when I think of all of these characters talking about how the world hates and fears them when they can also go and hang out with the Power’s for Thanksgiving.

      Keep this on the down low, but the Hildy/Katie team up is in the works. Yup, that is the kind of clout that we now have and the seriousness that people take our show. Of course, that said, it will be fan fic and never see print or even be written for that matter, but as Maury the Hormone Monster says, ” You’re thinking about it and we’re talking about it.” So basically the same as it being real.

      Take it easy Tim, see you next time.

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