Power Pack #22: Trapped!

You can listen to the episode by clicking: Episode 29.

Cover and Beer

I bet you forgot that we are not an interview show….we certainly did. Lucky for you, we eventually remembered that we are a baking show!!

The Great British Baking Show

Nope….that is not right….Are we a winter sports show?

Man vs Wild

Does not feel accurate! Oh, we are a show that talks about haunted houses and ghosts!

Mr. Belvidere


Next Top Model

Close….we are a Power Pack show. And in this issue, we have the prelude to the Snark Wars. Before that storyline can start, we decided to let the kids play in the snow. What could possibly go wrong?


OH, yeah…Alex can behave like a possessive jerk and get into a brawl with another kid. That seems about right.

X -Games

But at least they can trust Jarvis!


Just sit back, have a nice bath,

The Real Houswives

….And wait for a nice girl to propose to you while listening to our podcast!

The Bachelorette
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5 thoughts on “Power Pack #22: Trapped!

  1. Wait, I have to read a comic to follow the podcast again? Aw, shucks. The comics are fun and all, but my lips get awful tired from the reading.

    Dark Alex?? Oh no, does that mean Alex gets a new costume? With lots of buckles and pouches? Ooo, pouches are so evil…

    Naturally sorry to see June off the book, but boy, Jon Bogdanove was an excellent successor. His kids are charming, and from that first page, he do some scary Snarks! His style is also very dynamic, making the characters feel more like they’re moving, giving the book a new energy. Just in time for those Snark Wars. Gimme those … Snark Wars! Pages of Sna-ark Wars! They’ll never eeeend! (Apologies to Bill Murray’s Star Wars song.)

    I forget if you mentioned this panel for fridge art. Page 21, center panel, “Nyah-nyah”. Johnny Rival sulking, and on the right, Katie and Frank both standing in the same position and sticking their tongues out! LOL!

    I’m wondering if Johnny Rival grows up to fight the Teen Titans as Johnny Rancid.

    It’s a good thing Alex tussling with Johnny will have no consequences later. Yep. No problem to come at all. Uh-huh.

    Keep that Power Unpacking!


  2. Ugghhhh, you just reminded me of a parody that I was going to do and then totally forgot about. Snark Wars the song: not coming to an area around you!

    It was kind of funny going back to the old funny pages to work on an episode, but we had a nice break away from them so it is time to get back up on the horse and do what we do best….which is sit around reading comic books while drinking beer. Truly ours is a hard life.

    Seeing a 90’s Dark Alex edgy make over would be horrifying and hilarious. As hilarious as thinking that there will be no consequences for messing with JOHNNY RIVAL!!!


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  3. “it is time to get back up on the horse and do what we do best….which is sit around reading comic books while drinking beer.”

    I feel your pain.

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