Power Pack #25: Power Trip!

You can listen to the episode by clicking: Episode 32.


With Special Guest-Star, Kwanza Osajyefo!!

All the Powers

No, that is not him….that is just a cool picture of Jakal. Just like this one.

Power Slam Time

Jeff and Rick are proud to have Kwanza join them for their double-sized, 25th issue special event. We really needed the extra help. We have Jakal brimming with power, Katie brimming with defeat, Maraud brimming with overconfidence and Bhadsha brimming with poison. There is just a lot of brimming going on around here…and we do not like it…

Running with a Demon

OK, we like Katie brimming with power, but not Jakal.

Hammer Bro

We actually like a lot n this book. This is a fantastic issue with a mess of stuff going on.

She-Hulk and the Box

Did you see what I did there…..Fantastic…Fantastic Four….Get it…. sigh. The writer and artists are swinging for the Snark equivalent of the fences, and they are connecting.


Man, I really love to mix my metaphors.


I guess what we are saying is that you really should drag your friends over to listen to this podcast.


And if they resist..

Power Pack Attack


The Claw


But for now, let me tell you more about our guest. Kwanza is, in his own words,

...a storymaker – cobbling together tales made of little daydreams, memories, and discoveries.

An alchemist of words seeking immortality in scriptures that live on when I am done and dust, but still warm in minds and hearts of sons and daughters I will never know.

I wear hats.

We really could not say it better ourselves. He is a lifelong fan of Power Pack, and is also the writer of a an amazing series of books, Black and Black: America’s Sweetheart, both by Black Mask Studios. And he has more coming out, including a title from Humanoids called Ignited with Mark Waid.

Be sure to check out his website: https://kwanzaosajyefo.com/ and be sure to order his books: https://www.blacksuperpower.com/

Don’t forget support us on Patreon, https://www.patreon.com/JeffandRickPresent.  We have started to release monthly episodes for our Energizer and greater tiers. We are covering the alternate versions mini-series that started in 2005.  And also be sure to visit us on our website to see some pictures from this comic.

We also have some merchandise over at Redbubble.  Right now it is just shirts and other knick-knacks featuring our logo.  Eventually we will come up with some more stuff.  https://www.redbubble.com/people/jeffrickpresent/?asc=u



4 thoughts on “Power Pack #25: Power Trip!

  1. Oh my, I always give the comics a re-read before writing my reply to the show, and dang, this issue is so great! I enjoyed the twists and turns far more than I remembered. Harkens back to when I was a much younger nerd, instead of the old jaded nerd I am today.

    Here we go, random thoughts, they’re coming at ya!

    Kwanza was an excellent guest! I hope he’ll return sometime. I’m not familiar with Black, but what an amazing concept! It’s now on my wish list.

    I can’t remember what I originally expected from PP #25, since the previous issue had that “New powers” blurb, but it wasn’t the switching, that’s for sure. An almost Silver Age-like plot device, except not for just a single issue. Amazing.

    Julie had a couple of great moments in this issue to me. 1. How awkward she looked performing her first “Julie Hammer”. She’s trying so hard, but not quite there yet. 2. She goes all “hit the demogorgon with a baseball bat with nails” on Jakal, and it’s beautiful! We expect someone like Jack to get that physical, but not Julie. And ma-a-a-an! She lays him out like a PUNK! You. Go. Girl!

    How adorable was Katie with the flight power? Lethal levels of adorable? Um, yeah, I’d say so!

    Jack is a world class trash talker. “Momma’s boy! Can’t even kill someone till momma tells you!” Dang…

    Finally, FINALLY, Alex wakes up to how much of a jerk he’s been. Will it last? Um, lemme get back to you.

    Frank has seen some scary stuff in his past, most notably, being attacked and almost killed by Annihilus. But even that wouldn’t have prepared him for seeing a war. The fact the little guy isn’t a complete basket case is remarkable, and yet believable, as kids are so resilient.

    Kofi coming through in the clutch to save the Emperor and Frank was just excellent.

    Snif. Oh Friday, no. Snif. Page 24 got to me more than I expected. Snif. Sorry, I have allergies. In my heart!

    “Did you see what I did there…..Fantastic…Fantastic Four….Get it…. sigh. ” Yes. Yes I do. Just … sigh.

    Geez, I could keep going on and on. So I will. Weezie’s story and script are of course exceptional. But this issue made me a Bogdanove fan. That energy and fluid action is ever-present, and so much emotion in the characters’ faces and body language. And that cover. That is a fridge-worthy cover if ever there was one. Love love love.

    Thanks for the joy-filled podcasting extrava-kwanza! See you next Pack-time!

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    1. There was so much good in this issue that it was hard not to keep talking about it….so we did.

      Katie is so adorable with the flight power that I think that she has in fact weaponized her adorableness….and that is the sound of Alex and Carmody running at her to aim at their enemies.

      Julie, Jack, heck, everyone was great in this issue and they all got their moments to shine which was wonderful.

      Kwanza was a great guest, and just a great guy to get to hang out with and chat to. I am sure that he will make a reappearance some time in the future. His comic Black is totally worth a read and filled with little world building easter eggs if you keep your eyes out for them. Had Google open the whole time I was reading it. My only complaint about it would be that it felt a touch rushed in its story telling from time to time…but that is barely a complaint and in no way a reason to not read it. He just had a lot to tell in a limited time frame.

      So from one old jaded nerd to another, glad you enjoyed this one and we will see you next time.


      PS- Kwanza being on the show was the surprise that I referenced a couple of letters ago…forgot our release schedule.

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  2. Oh I keep forgetting! My vote for fridge gallery. Bottom of page 38 where Jack is holding up Alex with ONE FINGER! Such a “Jack” way to use the Gee power.

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