Power Pack: The TV Pilot (LIVE)

You can listen to the episode by clicking: Episode 39.




Live 4

Yup, we did a live show! It was in front of a small audience of friends at Champoeg State Park, in the middle of a 4 day, semi-annual camping trip we go on. The theme was Sci-Fi/Aliens. We felt that this fit.

Live 3

It was really wonderful to do this in front of a group of friends. And it was very special to have my daughter join us “on stage”…even though she thought it would be very scary. She did great.

Live 1

But what could we possibly be talking about? Well, how about the unaired 1991 TV pilot, Power Pack!  Yeah….yeah….that is exactly what we did too. Oh boy!

Live 2

Hey, at least we got to discuss it with our friends and family…and a fan. Jeff Polier came down with his daughter to check out the show.  How awesome was that?….He even took this picture!

Live 5.jpg

Those are rocket ships left over from the kids event. It was a fun weekend.  And we hope you enjoy the show.


4 thoughts on “Power Pack: The TV Pilot (LIVE)

  1. This was just the reminder I needed to finally watch the pilot. Wow. That was not good. And yet, I found it surprisingly charming. Alex and the tall girl. Jack being Jack. Julie super-speed taking care of business. Katie … not murdering other kids. If this had been played more for laughs, I can think of a few family-friendly sitcoms of the 90s that weren’t much better than this. It wouldn’t be Power Pack, and not saying I personally would have watched it, but the show might have found an audience. Ah well.

    As for YOUR show, that was excellent! Well done and hilarious as always! Great job on the script, and kudos to Carrie for the sound effects in the live show. Was she nervous performing in front of the crowd? She didn’t sound it. She’s a great kid, Rick!

    I’m glad a little thing like sick family didn’t keep Jeff away from important stuff: drinking beer, talking about superheroes, and doing an 80-year-old prospector’s voice. Well done! (And hope the little one bounced back quickly.)

    So next episode, … comic book? That thing the show is supposed to be covering? Yes? Maybe? Bueller?

    Stay well, Pack-Men!

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    1. To quote June about the pilot…they sure did try. Yeah, it wasn’t the greatest bit of cinema in the world was it? I had been trying to get myself to watch it for quite awhile but never could pull that proverbial trigger until it was needed for the show.

      Glad you liked what we did with it. The live show was a lot of fun to do but a bit daunting in the “how are we going to do this” department. Still, we think it turned out okay…and the audio turned out swell as well which was a big plus. If I can remember correctly, Carrie was nervous about it but pulled thru like the champ she is.

      As for the sick in my family, I got it a day or two later…I assume it all got recovered from but that was one or two sicks ago so I don’t remember. Yup, lots of sicks in the household anymore…in fact, getting over another one right now. Weeeeeee….

      Next episode is a very special one, as we remember that we are a comic podcast and talk about an issue of Power Pack. Shocking right?


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      1. The marathon of sick do suck. Sigh. Hope y’all feel better quick.

        Covering a comic again? Really? Guess I’ll have to read again. Man, the effort! My lips get so tired!

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