Strange Tales #12 to 14: Disorderly Conduct

You can listen to the episode by clicking: Episode 49.

Many covers and a beer

Now…I know what you are thinking. You are sitting there, reading about this podcast, and wondering if you left your stove on. I do not want you to worry about this, so I will assure you that I have no idea. But in order to distract you even further, we are going to discuss not one, not two, not four…but three….THREE issues. That’s a lot of reading!


With so many pages, comes so many characters. One could even say, there are so many characters, that they are falling out of the sky!


Get it?….Oh, never mind. Okay, besides Cloak and Dagger, who are the stars of this serialized story, and Power Pack, who are the reason we are even here, we also have the Punisher. You know, the guy who has guns and drives a Battle Wagon (or a battle van as some other guy on the internet insists on calling it).


We also have a priest, and another guy related to Dagger…..

Easy there Big Fella

And we have the Kingpin, who is kinda the shady dude causing the conflict with heroes fighting heroes fighting priests. It is a whole drug and blame thing.


And then we have a hamster…..’nuff said!


Oh, we also talked about my daughter showing a comic she made with her cousin to Todd McFarlane and I Like Comics…but that has nothing to do with Power Pack or this issue….I just like to brag.

So, I guess that just leaves me with the part of the synopsis where I have to threaten you, the listener/reader to listen to our show. But this time I am going to ask Julie to take on the task. I mean, if she can yell at the Punisher, she can yell at anyone.


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4 thoughts on “Strange Tales #12 to 14: Disorderly Conduct

  1. Hey! Hey, guys! Guess what? I’ve never read these issues. And I can’t find them on Marvel Unlimited or Comixology. Waaaaaaaaaaaah!

    But maybe I don’t need to read the whole stories, since it sounds like the best part is that one panel with JULIE TEACHING CLOAK TO READ! OMG, THE FEELS!

    Oh, you know I’d read these issues if I could get to them. They sound like plenty of fun for the Pack, so hopefully someday I can check them out. And they definitely made for the usual awesome romp of a podcast by you guys. Loved it!

    Ok, gonna admit something. I know a little event that sounds like “In-fur-know” is coming up. And I’m wondering if a certain lord of the underworld could pop up on your show for an issue when you cover it. Sure, he doesn’t actually participate in the storyline, but why should that stop Mr M from joining in? As a wise man once said, rules are for suckers! And also, yer mudda’s mustache.

    Great episode as always, my Pack-Men (trademark pending)!


    1. Funny how one dead computer and a vacation can make it so that responding to people is really hard. Sorry about that, Tim.
      So the very best part of this run is literally the last couple of pages where it shows Julie helping Cloak learn how to read. That is what made this worth reading at all…that and Katie’s War Journal. The rest of it is a fine story, but it pales in the light of the glory of that ending.
      Yer mudda’s mustache indeed my friend. Yer mudda’s mustache indeed.


      Liked by 1 person

  2. THAT’S RIGHT! KATIE’S WAR JOURNAL! HOW COULD I FORGET?! (runs to car, tears out of driveway, heading to the comic shop)

    Dang computers are always trouble. Hopefully you’re all set again, and that you had a GREAT vacation!


    1. Vacation was great other than all the exhaustion that I had and the cold that I picked up from a wanted to play with my daughter little girl that we ran into on our very first day in Death Valley. Three days in and I got to spend a lot of my time bowing my nose.
      Drive safe to the comic store…as even Katie’s War journal wasn’t enough to make this a must have in your collection.
      Got a new computer now, so thins are good on that front. Keyboard has slightly different dimensions so I am trying to get used to it.

      Liked by 1 person

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