Interview with Judy and Jon Bogdanove

You can listen to the episodes by clicking: Episode 72.

We have a very cool hobby. We get to sit, drink beer, talk comics, and every now and again, we get to talk to creators. This is the bit of the job that we love. We are also lucky that we can talk to certain creators more than once. Ain’t that cool.

This time, the focus of the chat is to meet the author of the last episode, Judy Bogdanove. Not only did she write a Power Pack book, but she also wrote a few other books as well. Which is great, and you should check these books out as well.

But what did we talk about? Oh, the usual things, ugly sweaters, awesome islands, farms and chickens, and of course….cheese.

This may not be as long as the first interview we did. We had a few technical problems, and some scheduling conflict, but we still had a wonderful discussion with an amazing couple.

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5 thoughts on “Interview with Judy and Jon Bogdanove

  1. Aw man, another delightful creator interview episode! You guys are awesome, and the Bodgonaves are awesome, and the show … well you know… awesome!

    And yet again, I take immense pride when a creator gets the “cheese question” and goes all in! “Oh, you want my thoughts on cheese? Here, hold my beer!”

    Thanks, Pack-Men!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Also, it was great getting to talk to them for a bit. Lovely people whose time I wanted to monopolize more of.
        She actually talked about cheese that I want to try now…if I remember about it when I am out… which I won’t. Hrmm.
        Glad you enjoyed it, I need to see if we can get more interviews together so that we can hear from more creators.



  2. A great episode all. Jon and Judy seem really delightful! The highlight for me was their recollections of Louise and Walter Simonson. A collective of creatives casts a cool image in my mind. In a time where it seems there is something awful about a creative comics person I have admired in my collecting, your interviews with Louise, June, Marc, Jeremy, Julianna, Jon and Judy helps calibrate my perception that comics will break your heart. It shows me that there are still really sweet and swell people working the business. Onward to your next episode!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you liked the interview. Judy and Jon are a delight to talk with, and I agree that it is nice to not find out that people whose work you admire are awful… been a lot of that going on in and out of the comics world lately. Here is a little behind the scenes for this one: We were on a time limit with them as they had plans and we spent half of our time dealing with technical issues on both ends. That added a little bit of stress to the encounter, as I was looking forward to a nice leasurely rambling chat. Still, we had a great time.


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