Power Pack Holiday Special #1 (Part 1): Small Changes

You can listen to the episode by clicking: Episode 83

Beer and Book

YESSSSS!!!! We made it.! This is the content you crave by the creators you love! The PACK IS BACK BABY!!!! WHOOOOO HOOOOO

Whoooo Hoooo

Ok, we needed to get that out of our system. This is some prime time, grade A, Power to the Packing good time. The kids are on their way (finally) to talk to the horse heads about what is happening to their family. And you better believe it is all going to hit the fan!

Caption Redacted

Whoooooa their Nelly, I did not mean that literally. I do believe that a smartship just emptied itself on me. Not cool….not cool. I am just going to have to keep my eye on that ship.


Ok, So we have Kymelians, Snarks, Smartships, and freaky eye balls…and…oh my word….do we have a human looking Alex!!! How did that happen, what is going on? Is Alex actually a lizard? Did he finally shed his horse skin for his original human form? Is this Kymelian puberty? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT!

I am a Real Boy

When all is said and done, we have a good book with the original creators, banging out a great retcon that fixes the problems the past creators left. This is a good thing. And well deserved. And, they did not need to blow up the story with a missile pointed at the floor.

Is this After-Market

Oh…I guess they did. Well, as we always say here on UPtPoPP….There is nothing worth doing if you are not willing to overdo it. This applies to blowing things up too!

Did I Do That?

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Eighties Action by Kevin MacLeod
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There It Is by Kevin MacLeod
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4 thoughts on “Power Pack Holiday Special #1 (Part 1): Small Changes

  1. Now we’re back to issues I own and have read before following this podcast. And what an issue it is! Love the story, love the art, undoes the craziness of the Higgins stories, and gives us back the kids we love. To quote the bard, “The Pack is Back!”

    My only silly notes are: why did they swap back to their original costumes before that last scene? No reason to do so if they were going to continue swapping powers, like they intended to. So why the costume swap? Well, except Julie, she was already in her original costume, but you know what I mean. Wait! Unless Elsewhere knows that they’ll need these specific costumes? GASP!

    Oh, and I really wish they’d outright kept the power swapping bit. It would have been interesting to see Alex justify being a whiner. “The gravity power is so lame. I wish I had the destroyer power.” (swap) “You do.” “STOP DOING THAT, JACK!”

    Just 2 little backup stories to go! Looking forward to it, my Pack-Men!

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    1. “The Pack is Back!”
      The Bard said that? Hmmm, I am to busy/lazy to look it up, so he must have! Good to know that Willie S was a Power Pack fan as well. Makes sense though, as he had to learn his writing skills from somewhere.

      They got their original costumes back to complete the “putting the toys back on their shelf where they are supposed to go” motif that occurred here. But I do like the Elsewhere tie in. Those guys are on the ball and know what’s what when it comes to clothes and their owners needs. That settles it, new head cannon for this. Elsewhere knew the score before the Pack did. BOOM! Set in stone now baby!!

      Hmm, I am not up on my New Warrior continuity yet, but I think that they did keep the power swap ability in there…at least Rick has told me that Alex would steal the other powers all the time, so there is that. Hmm, gonna have to find a PP expert to answer that one, and it is obvious that we don’t have any of those around here.

      You should like the two remaining short stories in the book, they were fun.

      In parting, I will also quote the Bard by saying: Packcelsior!



  2. Hello friends,

    I have to make a confession that I had no idea that this book had existed until you fine gentlemen had brought it up episodes ago. I was able to find it on a site relatively inexpensive and I read it once it was delivered. This story was similar to waking up from a dream that didn’t even operate on dream logic and terrifying, waking to have a loving maternal figure come rushing in to lull you into safety and peace. Im slightly exaggerating over a comics story, but the extreme close up image of Julie’s active tear duct is what I was feeling inside reading this “shh, it was only a nightmare. You’re awake and safe. It will be alright now” retcon of the Higgins run.

    Louise never strikes me as someone who would have a horrible temper, and I picture her sunny optimism at work getting the title beats from Fabian Nicieza and just going right to work. Having June along really seals the deal. In reading comic titles for nearly 40 years, certain pairings will provide a synthesis of word and art that will always be memorable and it will never not excite me inside. In reading the X-Men Inferno omnibus, I am really understanding how well an artist can execute the writers vision. In the case of the mini X-Terminators Jon Bogdanove can alternate his layouts and cartooning to suit the story shifts, while in New Mutants, Bret Blevins can deliver some of the more chaotic elements to Limbo, while also sexualizing underage girls in pitched battle. It’s kind of icky skeezy, and definitely on brand for 1988, but it affirms the right pairing of creatives.

    The holiday special’s main story really felt clever and simple at once. As Jeff noted, it was putting the toys in the box and straightening up the room, but I loved the idea of the siblings being able to just change powers when it called for it. What a fun transition that could have provided good rubber and glue moments for future stories.

    In discussion about the cover, I really wonder if the main image of the kids in action was actually one of June’s initial illustrations when the book was launched in 1984? I know her husband is credited on the image along with, but the no-prize seeking reader in me can’t help shaking that this may had been in her studio that she was able to add to.

    Enough rambling on my part. Keep up the great work guys. Looking forward to future episodes. As of this writing it seems the weather in the Pacific Northwest has been brutally hot. I hope you and your families are able to stay safe.


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    1. Counter confession time. I didn’t know about a lot of these issues that happened after the end of the initial run myself. Rick had to tell me about them and then he had to watch me look at him blankly while I processed this info.

      We have an upcoming interview with Carl Potts, and he talks about Weezie’s mage like ability to work with people and to get them to do what she wants while making them feel like it was their own idea. She is a treasure.

      It did get brutally hot here, but both of us have AC and had no real problems. I even took my daughter out for walks at her insistence. Made sure we had water and stuff, and never were too far from home do it was all good. The fun part was just seeing how everything kind of just shut down as everyone was hiding from the heat.

      Take it easy, buddy.



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