The New Warriors: Overview #3

You can listen to the episode by clicking: Episode 92

Books and Beer

With special guest star Tawmis (@New_Warriors) from New Warriors Dot Com website:

  • The New Warriors #61- 67
  • Spider-Man: Maximum Clonage: Alpha #1
  • Spectacular Spider-Man #228
  • Web of Spider-Man #129
  • Green Goblin #2
  • Web of Scarlet Spider #3 – 4

We have books and clones, and clones, and books, and books, and clones. You see what I am doing here?

Onward to Glory

I guess we also have the rest of the Warriors as well, which means there are a ton of characters that we are covering. And yet, the only reason we are here is to talk about Alex, and he is barely here.


But we do get some Friday. That is right, the little spaceship that could has shown up to party with the Warriors, and then she gets treated like a rental car on Spring Break by Nova. I mean, really….let me clutch my pearls.

That is a Partial Costume

Speaking of showing up, we have Timeslip. A new character to add to the mix with a very fascinating costume and a power that screams out deus ex-machina. I am glad that we are not taking a drink every time a new character shows up.

Helllo Nita!

Speaking of characters, Namorita is still bouncing around. Still on her evil kick, and still somewhat pursued by her one true love, Nova, who starts hanging out with his ex-girlfriend. Nice, real nice.

Inhale This!

So, there is a lot of drama going on, and a mess…A MESS… of Spiders-Men…Spider-Mans …uhhhh…Clones…everywhere there are clones. And then there are clones of clones. There are clones pretending they are not clones, and vice versa. It is a whole lot of story that eventually really hurt the flag bearer. So, there is that.

Leisure Suit Larry

All in all, we had a really fun time talking to our guest. It is always great having some new views from someone who really knows the source material and the characters. It was also fascinating to find out that he also knows a lot about…..other properties from last century.


All in all, it is a barn burner of an episode. We laugh and talk and talk and laugh and are eventually taken over by clones. In fact, we may be clones. You do not know, and we are not going to tell you. Mostly because it is hard to keep track of and we ourselves have forgotten.

I am Outta Here

And on that note, I guess that I am done. Sometimes you just do not know how to end a rant, so I will leave on the heels of Spider-Man’s butt. Don’t judge me, it may be a clones…but it might not be…like we said, it is hard to keep track.

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Eighties Action by Kevin MacLeod

Hit the Streets by Kevin MacLeod

4 thoughts on “The New Warriors: Overview #3

  1. Hello friends!

    Greetings from southeast Missouri! I just got done listening to the latest episode and once again, I am impressed by the amount of work you guys put into each episode. This episode is exceptional given the amount and confusing content that was the clone saga in general.

    In all my years as a comics reader, I have never walked the threshold of Spider-Man’s clone fiasco. I know of acquaintances who approached the story, but threw their hands up in confusion not too far into it. Only one friend has gone through the gauntlet and said it was pretty good.( He is also a contrarian by nature so I took his snap judgement with a pint of salt) Everything in this era is a hefty mess given the behind the scenes madness. A lot of it was revealed in Sean Howe’s book, Untold Story of Marvel Comics. Between the bubble bursting due to speculators and the acquisition of their own distribution system, it was a perfect storm of just awful because higher ups slashed editorial staffs, consolidated books into groups, like what you guys and Tawmis touched on. Maybe one day with a checklist and plenty of time I will get around to reading the saga of the clones.

    It is really interesting to hear how the Power siblings prank Alex during this little run. I listened to that and thought “Man, they are kids! I could see that.” I have a theory as to why the New Warriors title kept adding characters onto their roster; I suspect there was a push from higher ups for creatives to come up with the next hot character like Cable or soon after Deadpool. From your recaps it truly seems that it was a throw everything at the wall to see what sticks with readers. Corporate entities often forget it isn’t the IP that sells a book, but it’s who is working on the title. (at least with readership. ok I always looked at that when I ordered a book lol)

    I see that with Halloween approaching there’s another Mephisto mega crossover in the works? I am eagerly awaiting the latest and greatest event! As much as I got a kick hearing Jeff’s rendition of Dokken’s Dream Warriors song, I was really surprised you didn’t go with Alice Cooper’s Clones.

    Well, I hope you and your families health and safety and eagerly look forward to the next episode.

    A prince,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, buddy o’ ours.

      Thanks for the praise. It is surprising how much work can go into an hour long project. I love that fact that we do it, and that people seem to enjoy it, but there are times where it seems like it is just a lot of work for a hobby…and that is just from my end. Rick does all the editing and things of that nature and that is the reason this exists at all. This clone stuff though is a head scratcher.

      I think that I talk about this at some point, but the Clone Saga is what put the nail in the coffin of my comics collecting for a good long time. It was just too much all the time and my pocket couldn’t take it…especially since I didn’t enjoy it all that much. Glad that you friend enjoyed it, but I think that he would argue with you that he isn’t a contrarian at all. (See what I did there?) (Also, “Pint of Salt” is brilliant and I regret to inform you that I have now stolen this to put into my word arsenal.)

      Dang, now I have to read Untold Story of Marvel Comics. Sounds interesting to read. Finding out some of the behind the scenes stuff form some of the people we have interviewed is a real eye opener/cold bath. I never thought about the behind the scenes stuff before as I just wanted to read my books.

      I love that the Power siblings prank on Alex as a means of revenge. It makes sense, and keeps them in the story, which I like.

      I agree with you in that they were probably looking for the new hotness. You get yourself a new Wolverine and you can move any book that he is in. No matter how much creativity goes into a thing like comics, it is still a business, and sadly, businesses’ run on money and seem to really like it when they have an excess of it.

      The new Halloween crossover event is pretty great in my humble opinion. It is going to be silly fun this year. I can’t remember if anyone has posted up what we are covering, but it is a hoot. Glad you are looking forward to it.

      Man, Alice Cooper’s Clones would have been a great pick for a Random Banter, but I was going for a Warriors theme for each of them because of…reasons. Reasons I am sure you can figure out.

      Oh! How was the convention you went to? Did you spread the J&R gospel? But more important than that, did you have a great and fun time? I am hoping that you had a blast and formed many great memories.

      Later, Jeremy.



  2. Hey, it’s the New Power-iors! Or something, I’m not good at words.

    I have one and only one comment to make here, about the storyline that didn’t happen to Speedball. Namely that human Robbie is actually dead and Speedball is a preservation of him. I do NOT accept this! Oh, not for Robbie, not at all. But for Niels the cat. Niels was caught in the same experiment and has the same kinetic powers. If Robbie is dead, that means Niels is also … dead. No. No! NO! This will not stand, SIR! #JusticeForNiels

    Whew. Ok. Ok. I’m fine now. It just had to be said, and I’m done. Till next time, Pack-iors! (Hmf, needs work.)


    1. Hey, Tim-iors!

      Nope, that needs work as well. Words ARE hard, and I think that we just proved that again here.

      Hmmm, hadn’t thought about the fact that the cat would be dead too then…makes you think. And what I think is: That the cat would have been alive anyways, because it MURDERED Robbie in the Kinetic Dimension to survive!! That would be just like a cat to do a thing like that, and that is coming from a person that likes cats! Don’t let Niels know that I said that though, ’cause I don’t want to have to go into hiding because of a cat again…don’t ask.

      Later, Tim!



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