Power Pack #1: Power Play

Power Pack Episode 1

Dog Breath

In this, our first podcast, Jeff and Rick learn how to turn on a microphone.  They also discuss the the science of gravity, space super glue, Captain EO, and the magical power of Dr. Internet.

Please enjoy some of our favorite images from this comic.

Bye Bye Pony BoyCloud BoyJack TossJulie Dart




8 thoughts on “Power Pack #1: Power Play

  1. Hi. Loved this but please TURN IT UP! Had to ramp it right up to full volume to hear it.

    (Also, petty, but CS Lewis and Lewis Carroll aren’t the same person. First one is Narnia, second is Snarks.)

    But really enjoyed; thanks for the flashback to ten years old. Back for more tomorrow.

    All the best,


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for listening. First off, I am working in improving the audio, and I do apologize for the low volume.

      And ask for the author error….well, I am an idiot. That was a real bone head move. I knew that, but I misspoke. Thanks for pointing it out and keeping us honest.


  2. A fun podcast you have here! Jay and Miles recommendation is good enough for me!

    Two questions if I might? One, if it’s not an overly personal question, where do the two of you fit into your own sibling hierarchy? I think it might add a little context to your feelings about some of the sibling roles to know if you are in the Alex, Julie, Jack or Katie slots… a turn of phrase I am probably going to live to regret.

    Secondly, have you read the excellent lengthy Amazing Heroes that came out around the same time the series was lsunched. It has interviews with Louise and June about the origins of the teams and how they outlined the characters. Well worth a hunt down, in my humble opinion.

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    1. Thank you for listening. We are very happy to have gotten a plug from such an amazing podcast like Jay & Miles.

      In answer to you questions:

      1. Jeff and I both have one sibling. I have a sister that is ten years older than me. Jeff has a younger brother who is closer in age. I think this is a great question, and something we should bring up in a future episode.

      2. I have not read Amazing Heroes, but now I am on the hunt for those issues and that interview. Thanks for the information.



  3. I managed to catch up in my podcast listening (I KNOW, I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT EITHER!), so I had time to backfill on this episode. Wow! A lot has changed since then. Pretty great to hear the difference. I really didn’t plan to have comments, but … you know me.

    Did you really come up with Jack’s voice on the spot in this episode? No planning beforehand? Excellent!


    So at this rate, I'll get to episodes 2-5 by … 2023. That's a plan.


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