Thor #357 & Fantastic Four #282

You can listen to the episode by clicking: Episode 17.

Thor 357: A New Deal from an Old Deck or the Credit Card Soldiers

Fantastic Four 282: Inwards to Infinity


Two!!!! Two comics for the price of one podcast! What a deal!

Yes Yes

We are doing something a little different this week, covering parts of two comics featuring Power Pack. Thor 357 and Fantastic Four 282.

The Pack

We examine one page from Thor where our powered up pint sized people have a chance encounter with the Warriors Three. Then, in Fantastic Four, our Fabulous Family of Four find themselves in a fevered fantasy of Franklin Richards.

Rainbow Drop

Along the way we somehow go down rabbit holes of the Monster at the End of this Book, Shakespeare, and beer…..well, you know we were going to talk about beer….that was a given. We also somehow tie in the War Rocket Ajax podcast ( @TheMattDWilson and @theisb ) and THOR: The Lightning and the Storm ( @thelightningand )


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Snark Attack

Man Child

Eighties Action by Kevin MacLeod

Shiny Tech by Kevin MacLeod

4 thoughts on “Thor #357 & Fantastic Four #282

  1. I would almost blame Franklin’s wonky proportions to overly baggy pajamas. But … this is how Byrne depicts him no matter what he’s wearing. Sigh.

    When will the Warriors Three open that sandwich shop in Manhattan? They’ve got the perfect name. “Hogun’s Heroes.”

    All right, I’ll stop.

    Another fun episode, guys! Till next Pack-time!

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    1. Lets pretend that there was a “What if?” issue of them opening the aforementioned sandwich shop “Hogun’s Heroes”. They went into it with the greatest of intentions but it all quickly fell apart as they realized that Volstagg continually eats them out of stock meaning that all their profits get washed down his gut and they always close early which even further limits their gains. Also, they discover that the taciturn Hogun is a terrible counter man as he never interacts with anyone trying to order. And finally they realize that Fandral spends most of his time trying to impress the lady patrons with his acts of daring do than he does doing anything else. After they close the doors for the last time they sit out side the shop sharing a laugh and their last sandwich when something destroys the known universe and only Doctor Strange remains.

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      1. “Volstagg, did you open the Casket of Ancient Winters?” “How else would I keep my ice cream cold?” “(Laughter) (freeze frame) (world ends)”

        Oh, those wacky “What If?” stories. Always heartwarming! (shudder)

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