Interview with Marc Sumerak

You can listen to the episode by clicking: Episode 27.


This week, we are pleased to present a fantastic interview with Marc Sumerak. This gentleman has an amazing list of writing credits, but we are only really interested in his work on Power Pack. Marc is responsible for bringing back the quartet of cool for the mini-series starting in 2005. This successful series pushed Marvel to develop a total of 11, four issue mini-series.


During the interview, we had a wonderful opportunity to ask questions about the choices made to age up the characters, redefining their personalities, super hero tropes, and how he developed the overall feel of the mini-series. We also laid the foundation for a new podcast idea (TM) as Marc joins us in pairing cheeses with the Marvel Universe.


Marc’s clear and fun writing style and love of the characters and property show in these books.


We have been reviewing theses series as bonus content for our Patreons, but we highly recommend everybody read them. They are available as part of the Marvel Unlimited subscription.

If you would like to find out more about Marc and his other books, please check out his website.


And if you would like to hear us review his Power Pack comics, support us on Patreon,  We release monthly episodes for our Energizer and greater tiers.


2 thoughts on “Interview with Marc Sumerak

  1. Interview episodes are a little different on the feedback front, whereas a comic lends itself to followup discussion on the story and characters. So honestly, what am I gonna say? “Man, that sucked.” OF COURSE NOT! IT WAS EXCELLENT!!!!

    You guys are really great at interviewing, and it’s a joy to hear you dive in with a creator like Marc. Love, love, love.

    Other thoughts that are indistinguishable from randomness:
    1. I can’t believe Mephisto came up unsolicited. That’s INSANE!
    2. You guys! Talking me up to Marc like that! Awwwwwww.
    3. Punisher and Power Pack. Mainstream Marvel, nah. But for this series? Oh yes! Based on the stories with Wolverine and the Hulk? It would have been delightful!
    4. Cheese. Who doesn’t like a nice, sharp, tasty non sequitir? 🙂 Yes, I was blown away that Marc was “Oh, cheese? I gots me opinions on cheese! Bring it!” Fan. Tas. Tic.

    One last “well done”, gentlemen. And I know. The “big” interview is coming. You’re ready. I’m ready. Costumes on.

    Thanks, guys!

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