Girl Comic #3: The Job & Marvel Age Annuals #1-3

You can listen to the episode by clicking: Episode 59.


We have a special treat for you all this week. We brought in special guest star Zack from the Battle of the Atom podcast and the Xavier Files website. But why would we bring in a such an esteemed mutant expert who knows very little about Power Pack? Well let me tell you dear listener, it is because we are going to talk about baby Cable

Snot Nosed

Yup, that would be none other than Nathan Christopher Charles Dayspring Askani Summers. The big gun wearing, time displaced, angry techno-cursed boy… a baby….

Action Jump

Are we worried? Heck no. We got Power Pack on the case! I mean….Katie even picked up a gun!

Do You Feel Lucky Snark

And that is only after she nails him some snarks from downtown! I mean she is on fire tonight….well, not really on fire, just energized.

Nothing by Snark

But what about Jack you may say…..What about our favorite little cloud boy?  Well, he is just fine…thanks for asking.

Take it Small Bro

But this is all crazy….I mean….these are not their powers. What is going on!!!! Oh wait….that was all just an alternate little story wasn’t it.  Yeah….this picture looks more todayish. Ok….Moving on.


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Eighties Action by Kevin MacLeod

Tempting Secrets by Kevin MacLeod

3 thoughts on “Girl Comic #3: The Job & Marvel Age Annuals #1-3

  1. I am so ashamed that I don’t own the Power Pack Omnibus, and have not seen these MAA pages! I’ll start saving my pennies in my Kymellian bank right now!

    Yes, that page of Franklin Pack and Master Mold? Gorgeous!

    All 4 issues of Girl Comics were wonderful. The text pages on the creators was a bigger delight than I expected, as my lazy inclination is to skim/skip those because “no purty pitchers!” But once I read the first one, I wasn’t skipping any of them. Such wonderful tributes to the women who brought us comics we love.

    And of course, always great to read another Weezie/June jam. And who wouldn’t love a baby in a bubble? Seems like there’s a marketing opportunity there. “It’s the new game sweeping the nation. Bubble Baby!”

    Another fun episode with a great guest! I almost was able to say “Nathan Christopher Charles Dayspring Askani Summers” by the end of the episode. Almost. Thanks, Pack-Men!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nice humble brag about having a Kymellian piggy bank….oh, AND you have pennies to put in it!?!? Mumble mumble mumble… you’re not better than me….

      JK 🙂 I honestly don’t think I knew about the MAA before this. I am learning so many things because of this podcast. I think I have a vague memory of Girl comics, but that could be a revised memory…need to fully check them out.

      My problem with the bubble baby product is that for all the fun that can be had with it, clean up can be an absolute beast. That is a soup bowl that just do not want to get into. Worst jambalaya ever.

      I still can’t say all of Cable’s name, and that is even with me reading it from text. I feel like I really stumble over it. So good on you for being able to do it, that is a skill that I do not possess.

      Talk at you later my friend.


      Liked by 1 person

      1. Bubble Nathan Christopher Charles Dayspring Askani Summers Cable Baby. Now I need a nap.

        Have a great weekend, bud!

        Liked by 1 person

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