Marvel Super-Heroes #6: Natives in a Strange Land

You can listen to the episode by clicking: Episode 82

It is time for a vacation! I mean who does not love getting away from it all, going to a land of sun and surf, beautiful women, hunky men, and a catatonic mother!

Shark Attack…Shark Attack….

Ahhhh, who am I kidding, Maggie does not appear in this book. The kids have no time to worry about their mom. They have lifeguards to ogle and women to annoy. And let’s not forget about diving deep….and we mean DEEP…into Fantastic Four lore!

,,,,,In the Name of Love!

What? You do not know about the Creature from the Lost Lagoon, Mowfus from the Planet Quon? How can you call yourself a Marvel fan if you do not know who this character is? Can I fill this paragraph with any more question marks?

Happy Birthday to the Extra Power Kid

We are talking high-jinx on the high seas, with a high amount of high-larity. This story is …..something. It deals with things that occur to characters in a manner that unfolds in a story. This all occurred.


Boats….this story had many boats. Much of the action was on or near water so they needed boats to be on the water while the action occurred. Some of those boats broke. Others were damaged. But there definitely were boats.

….You Really Move Me!

And….other stuff…..ok….look. Let us level with you all. This was not very good. This is a story that was put out in an anthology book of stories from dead books. There are some definite rewrites that happened, and it just falls apart. If you want our advise, just head out and find a nice bar and have a drink. Who knows, maybe you will see a human looking horse.

A Man Walks into a Bar…

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Eighties Action by Kevin MacLeod

Fife and Drum by Kevin MacLeod


6 thoughts on “Marvel Super-Heroes #6: Natives in a Strange Land

  1. What a fun episode! Sure, the story itself is like a transformer, in it’s a Fantastic Four story in disguise.
    I was thinking about the artist Steve Buccelleto, and wonder if he’s kin to Brian Buccelleto who has written with Francis Manapaul on the Flash when it was relaunched as a New 52 book? It seems there are families that work on titles for various companies when it comes to comics.

    Overall, the story itself wasn’t terrible, but, when the bar is moved lower than the average story to accommodate expectations, that isn’t saying a whole lot.

    You mentioned about the zine Power Lines, and I think it’s quite cool that members on that zine have found your little show. I can only imagine if this book was published in 2021 with the creative change, and you throw in twitter and message boards etc into the mix lol (I think the book wouldn’t have lasted 4 issues, let alone 62 in today’s climate. It really feels that pre-orders make or break a book, as most cannot stay around long enough to build an audience.

    Well, looking forward to the next episode gents. Keep Portland Weird and long live the unipiper!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. We do make accommodations for what we love don’t we? Still, not a horrible story, yet still ride with problems. Cracks me up how this was a FF side load as well. I honestly think that I need more of these just to SMH at.

      The current comic industry makes me sad. New series will get cancelled before they come out over expected sales. Let me say that again… expected sales. Ugh. So many risks that won’t be taken by the big houses anymore.

      That said, I would be curious as to how it would be if they came out today and it’s small, but very rabid fanbase went on campaign mode. Might have made a difference… probably not though.

      Gotta know, did you know about the Unipiper before we talked about him?



      1. No, I had never heard about him until your episode. I was pleasantly surprised by the article I found online by the Oregonian. He seems like a cool guy.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Met him once in Astoria for a Goonies celebration, and was pleased to find out that he was a nice guy. Wouldn’t mind running into him again and having a chat.


  2. Funny thing. I thought of Marina from Aloha Flight when you were describing these green skinned aliens and their eggs. I guess I was wrong.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I mean no snark when I ask this, is there an Aloha Flight? I really don’t know and can’t find anything on it with a cursory google.

      I don’t know how you could have confused these two alien species though, as they are nothing at all alike… except for all the things…so do many things… that are exactly the same. 🙂



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