The Uncanny X-Men #205: Wounded Wolf

You can listen to the episode by clicking: Episode 25.

We are back in the pages of X-Men for this amazing Katie and Wolverine adventure. Uncanny X-Men #205 is an amazing and dark issue that features body horror, cyborgs, sacrificing humanity, torture, violence, death and, our favorite, REVENGE!. Of course you want to have a kidnapped five year old on hand for these shenanigans.  


Join us for this dive into an amazing issue, as we just gush over the awesome art by Barry Windsor Smith.

Wild Child

Helping us out with this is Rick’s good friend TJ. A a lifelong comic book fan who continually put Rick in dangerous or unsafe situations when they were children, he was a good resource to talk to about this book.

Peaple are Strange

There are many lessons to take from this book. Lessons like don’t sell your soul….

Touch Me Baby

Keep your fluids inside your body…

Break on Through to the Other Side

Always bring a sparkler to a knife fight….

Light My Fire

And always bring a buddy when you head out into the snow…

Riders on the Storm

Be sure to check out the Jay & Miles XPlain the X-Men episode 55, How Nightcrawler Got His Groove Back. ( )

My Wild Love

Don’t forget support us on Patreon,  We have started to release monthly episodes for our Energizer and greater tiers. We are covering the alternate versions mini-series that started in 2005.



5 thoughts on “The Uncanny X-Men #205: Wounded Wolf

  1. Oh, this issue. Oh my goodness, this issue. The artwork absolutely gorgeous, and creep factor 5000. Beyond powerful. Simply amazing.

    Is it weird that, even though it only has Katie, I think this is the better Power Pack guest appearance? Or that I think it’s a slight to call it “A solo adventure starring Wolverine”? Um, who had more dialog and soliloquies in the issue? Energizer, that’s who! Katie is stellar throughout, and we get into her head a lot more than in PP where she’s sharing the stories with her family. I just love how Claremont handled her.

    I had a weird history with Lady Deathstrike as I’d bought all of her appearances up to this point: the Daredevil story arc (just on a whim, not regularly collecting DD), the Alpha Flight 2-parter guest starring Wolverine, and then this issue. (Both AF and X-Men were regular buys.) Nowadays, it would have been built up more into a huge arc to establish her animosity with Logan, and to give her the powers. By comparison, this was really quick. I almost prefer the old way, cut to the chase. Besides, more issues of this kind of body horror when I was younger? No thanks!

    Now I was hoping for this to come up, but maybe y’all don’t know (Tim-splaining alert!) that Reavers Cole, Mason, and Reese had one other appearance between their ill-fated debut and this issue. It was Marvel Graphic Novel #4: The New Mutants. Donald Pierce, formerly of the Hellfire Club, was the bad guy in that story, and it revealed that he had refitted the 3 goons with cyborg parts as well. So Claremont had decided somewhere to keep these shmoes around looking for REVENGE against Mutants in general and Wolverine specifically. Nice to have some guilt-free mokes to slice-n-dice.

    I dig it when you guys say “REVENGE!” Can I say it? Excellent! Hold on. *cough-cough* a-hem. REVANCHE! Aw dang it!

    Later, Pack-men!

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    1. Wait, you are telling me that there are comics out there that AREN”T Power Pack?!?! I need to take a moment…where has this information been the last year.

      Revanche…almost got it buddy, a little more practice and I think you will have it down pat. (inner monologue: Oh Tim, Tim, Tim, Tim, Tim, Tim.)

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