Interview with June Brigman & Louise “Weezie” Simonson

You can listen to the episode by clicking: Episode 38.

In celebration of the newest addition to Power Pack cannon, Grow Up #1, we are proud to present our interview with June Brigman and Louise Simonson. These two wonderful ladies were gracious enough to join us for an extended talk.


We had the opportunity to talk about a number of topics including Weezie’s inspiration for the crack story-line in Power Pack, June’s awesome work on Captain Ginger and the changing world of the comics marketplace.  We also found out a few surprises……and if you want to know what they are, you are going to have to listen to the episode. Trust me, listen to the episode, you will want to know the surprises.

Captain Ginger Vol. 1: Survival Instinct

Of course the majority of conversation was on Power Pack: Grow Up #1.

Power Pack: Grow Up! (2019) #1

If you have not read the comic yet, beware:


Pack 2

You have been warned. Also, we should warn you that this episode contains heaps of praise, a ton of respect, and an Infinity Stone’s amount of love.

Pack 4

These two friends and co-workers have worked on many projects together and have nothing but respect for each other. And it was our pleasure to talk to them about this great book.

Pack 1

And in this book….Power Pack is back! The feel and the look of this comic is like falling back in time.  So sit back and enjoy a trip down memory lane!Pack 3

2 thoughts on “Interview with June Brigman & Louise “Weezie” Simonson

  1. Like Jeff reading PP: Grow Up, I was smiling the whole time listening to this interview. It was such a joy to hear Weezie and June together, sharing their love for this series, characters, and working together. I wish I had rephrased my question about Jack and Katie, but whatever, there was lots of great discussion. Thank you, guys, for letting me join in with my silliness.

    The big news: squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    I truly hope I’ll get to make Macaroni and Cheese for June and Weezie someday! (To dream, the impossible dream) But I’d also like to try June’s recipe. I’ve heard of the mayo version, and probably eaten it without realizing. Hmmm.

    This happens each time. June’s first interview, she says “Costumes off!”, and I start tearing up. Weezie’s interview, same thing happens. This time, they both say it, and I’m seriously breaking out the hanky! What the freak?! I really can’t explain it! It triggers something beyond just fandom. Oh god, here come the waterworks again. EXCUSE ME!

    I’m back, I’m fine. (only a freaking 50-year-old man crying about a 35-year-old comic book and it’s awesome creators STOP IT!)

    As for PP: Grow Up, yes I also was just smiling reading it. And I have thoughts. Boy howdy! So when you do a special podcast episode covering that issue, I can be on the show for that, right? Right? … Please?

    Well done, my Pack-Men. Well done. Till next time… nope, not saying it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So glad that we got to share the big news with you and everyone else that listens… been sitting on it for a month. Super exciting news! I also like that most people are just alluding to it and saying that others gotta listen to find out what it is. That said, squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee indeed!

    I honestly did keep looking around while smiling about how happy the issue was making me. Wanted to keep turning the pages but didn’t want the issue to end. Loved it so much!

    Getting guests to say “costumes off” is one of the great joys of doing this show. I feel like it creates a sense of community and family with those who get to say it and hear it…it also lets me know that the outtakes are coming and those are my favorites. 🙂

    Curious about what your thoughts are on Grow Up.

    Till next time, costumes off! (I don’t have your inhibitions apparently)



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