Power Pack #28: The Breakfast Club

You can listen to the episode by clicking: Episode 36.

Dawn Patrol

Don’t you, forget about me…

I’ll be eating breakfast with Hercules…

Young Knave

Good morning campers, and welcome to a new day…well actually it is the same day from the last issue where our awesome adolescents climbed out of the sewers after facing Stephen King levels of horror. Instead of returning home, they have gone to the Avengers Mansion. Why you might ask, ’cause Franklin is sad and wants his parents.


A little light breaking and entering later, with some minor property damage, the kids sit down for flapjacks with some of Earth’s mightiest heroes.

Unslumber Party

Hooray! All of this crazy insanity can just make one tired. Sometimes, you just have to take a moment and sit down on a couch for a little R&R….

Clobberin Time


Holy space junk….we have two clobberin’ time sightings!?!? What else do we have? Oh, the Fantastic Four making some fascinating choices while in space.

Dogs in Space

So check out this episode of our amazing podcast….or else I may have to send Mr. Fantastic out to give you a hug.

Mad Dad

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7 thoughts on “Power Pack #28: The Breakfast Club

  1. You know what? I have thoughts on this issue! Amazing, right?? They’ll be less coherent than usual, cuz it’s been a loooooooong week.

    Hercules in a towel. You know, he’s been around for thousands of years before pajamas were invented. Afraid to say, Herc sleeps commando. I’m sorry.

    Katie’s non-Kymellian superpower is charming strong guys into playing with her. It’s like this (misquoted) internet meme. “It doesn’t matter how masculine you are, when your little girl wants to play and says you’re the fairy queen, you the god-damn fairy queen!” Tell me you can’t see Katie getting Herc and Thor to have a tea party with her. You know it could happen!

    She-Hulk eating a hot dog should not be discussed on a family-friendly show. No. No. I shouldn’t even be thinking about it. I’m stopping right … hm … I’m sorry, Ms Walters, you’ve got some mustard on your lips STOP IT TIM!

    Julie and Jack saying “It’s clobbering time!” Loved. It.

    For a really good series featuring Hercules, I recommend “Incredible Hercules”, the series where Herc took over the Hulk’s comic. Yes, that was a thing! And it was amazing! But that also reminds me that I’ve wanted to read the 2 Prince of Power mini-series from the early 80s. YES! They’re on Marvel Unlimited! Add to ever growing “reading list”. Hmm, is the DC Hercules series on the DCU app? No it isn’t. BOO!

    BTW, is there going to be a guest star in the next issue? I seem to recall something about that, plus a legit super-villain. Might be worth having a guest host. Nah, that’s crazy talk!

    (Said in Hercules’ voice) Till next time, good men of Pack!

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  2. Sorry you have been having a long week. Been there more times than I like. Really wears on you doesn’t it? Here is hoping for easier times for you.

    Herc’s sleep wear….yup, that is what I was inferring. Kinda obvious if you think about it, but I really didn’t need in comic confirmation. “Incredible Hercules”, huh, I think I remember that being a thing…now I need to find and read them…you know, I think that I may already have. My comic memory is a bit mushy after all these years. I have re-read many an issue for the first time if you know what I mean.

    We actually do have a special guest on our next episode, it was very exciting to get this person to record with us as they are kind of a legend. I don’t want to spoil the surprise of who we have guesting, but the name rhymes with “Tim Price”.

    Katie would have the best tea party. I don’t think Jack would even dare to make a comment about it to her circle of (mythological gods) friends.


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