Thor #363: This Kursed Earth…!

You can listen to the episode by clicking: Episode 22.


I hate to tell you guys…..but we’ve got one more issue with the Beyonder. And he doesn’t even have the decency to drive around his friend’s dad’s Ferrari or go to an art museum. But, we also get two Thor’s…. Which is only fitting because it is a Thor book. Walt Simonson invites over Power Pack to play in his sandbox as Thor and Beta Ray Bill battle the Beyonder for all of the hammers.


Jeff and Rick discuss many Asgardian topics, especially around what type of Santa costume Thor would wear. This is more important than you would think. Would it be more piraty or more Scandinavian? These are the questions that keep Thor up at night.

look into my eyes

The important thing to remember, the life lesson we should all take from this experience, is that you should always ask for help when battling an overpowered godlike being…..and to be careful when chewing bubble gum.

why is jack chewing gum

Also, please check out Sean ( @Sean42AZ ) and Greg’s ( @garaujo1 ) excellent Secret Wars and Beyond podcast to learn more about Secret Wars II and to hear Rick talk with them about this issue.

above it all

And also check out The Lightning and the Storm podcast for more Thor action. Specifically episode 8: Of Frogs and Men.

weary unto fwoosh

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Eighties Action by Kevin MacLeod

Go Cart by Kevin MacLeod

5 thoughts on “Thor #363: This Kursed Earth…!

  1. Oh boy, I’m not sure how to say this. I listened to the episode, and it was great fun as always with excellent observations and discussion. But it’s been a few days since then and … I can’t think of anything to say. Well sure, I can think of *some* things, but it’s way less than i normally would, which just feels wrong. So I’ll share my piddling thoughts, but it’ll be just a little, so don’t think it was anything wrong with the show. You guys were excellent! It’s me. Getting old sucks.

    (Kurse says “THOR!!!!”)

    Katie was such the hero of this story. Loved that equal to the ickiness of Thor (“THOR!!!!”) putting Katie in that position. I didn’t used to feel that way, but “dad-ness” definitely changed me to be more protective of kids.

    I did re-read the preceding issues of Thor (“THOR!!!!!”) last year between the SW2 crossovers, especially to see the Hela rescue, and I had forgotten the part where Thor (“THOR!!!!!”) and Frigga (sp?) escorting Volstagg’s children home, and the kids ambush Thor (“THOR!!!!!”) with snowballs a couple of times. But Thor (“Malekith?”) knew it was coming and played along to keep the kids distracted from the length of the journey. Not bad paternal instincts from the big guy.

    Jack and bubble gum. He *could* have kept the gum in his costume’s pocket. Have the comics established them as “magic pockets” yet, where the Pack could safely keep items unaffected by their powers, and stay with the suits between “Costumes Off/On”? I don’t think so yet, but that’s another way Jack could have gum for that page. But even so, I really want to think his gum clouds with him, and it would be hilarious to see “Cloudy Jack” blowing a bubble!


    Ok, that’s it. Not much to say, so I balanced by saying too much about the not much. Uh, yeah! (“MALEKITH!!!!!”) Thanks guys! Looking forward to issue 19’s awesomeness!


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  2. THOR!!! Ah, Kurse has the most extensive dialogue tree doesn’t he? From hating THOR! to wanting to kill THOR! to yelling THOR! Kurse is the whole package.

    I do think that becoming a dad does change up your world views a bit….it may not be a huge change in a person but it definitely has an affect.

    I now want a cloudy Jack blowing a bubble image…hmmm, now that would be something to commission at an artists table if the stars ever line up right. That would be something that I think that June or Brent would get a kick out of.

    I don’t have a lot to say either other than I am using this as a distraction from the fact that I need to finish up my end of the work on our next show. SPOILERS! We will be recording one for X-Men #205.

    Have a great one Tim, and as always, thanks for listening and engaging with us as we really appreciate it. On that, I will leave you with a parting:


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