Power Pack #20: Turning Point

You can listen to the episode by clicking: Episode 24.


You know what a comic book about super-powered kids needs….

Stinky Poo

No….not babies, more super-super powered kids!!!

Sockless Sam

That’s right. This week we have got the New Mutants stopping by for a visit. And since that book about the teenage pre-X-Men team is known for cheery, bright, and happy stories, I am sure nothing bad will happen while they guest star…..hold on, just getting something handed to me…

Ahh..demons, death, Manhattan sucked into Limbo, Katie kidnapped…..sigh.  Well, at least we know there will be some beer to get us through the bad night at the hospital…

The Fight

At least they don’t have to mention the Beyonder this time…….I have just been handed another piece of paper…oh are you kidding me?


So get ready and turn on some bright lights,

The Light

Pull Santa out of the street,

Saving Santa

And smoke em if you got em,

Cancer Stick

Cause it is gonna be a dark and stormy night!

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3 thoughts on “Power Pack #20: Turning Point

  1. Oh my, so many thoughts, randomly swirling about, can I make any sense of them? Well of course not, but that won’t stop me sharing them.

    Poor, poor Stan. Why oh why did he leave that cushy job in Walt Disney World? Warm weather, all the churros he can eat, I just don’t get it.

    That cover. Wow! Let me check Mike’s Amazing World to see if I’d read any comics by him by this point. Be right back. *click* Moooo-oooon River, something something something, Moooo-oooon River *click* Ah yes, his issues of Hulk and Alpha Flight came out the year before. I didn’t recognize his style outright, but I love this cover!

    Bob McLeod’s was also solid. His style matches the series overall, and being the original artist for the New Mutants, they look wonderful too. In fact, that may be why this issue isn’t memorable in a weird way. It has a feel of almost being a “New Mutants” issue in the Pack’s series. The threat is from NM, Dani saves Maggie, Sam is pretty much leader in the big fight. Maybe our brain’s are filing this under NM.

    Dani versus Dave, I mean, Death. Oh the … foreshadowing? … Kinda, since NM #37 came out just before this issue? Maybe that’s aftshadowing? Or I guess shadowing.

    I likewise have lots of affection for Rahne. My dad was a minister and completely the opposite of the despicable Reverend Craig, but that similar background made me feel for her. Plus my mother’s side of the family has an awesome Scottish surname, and Scottish accents just fascinate me. Like mesmerize-level fascination, and I can’t do a decent one to save me. ARGH!

    Boy, the hints of Inferno are pretty strong here. Louise was BUSY for that event, like you said, writing New Mutants, Power Pack, X-Factor, AND the X-Terminators mini-series featuring X-Factor’s students, most of whom join NM from there.

    Man, you’re right, this was a harsh fight for the Pack. Torn uniforms was a surprise on this re-read. It’ll be interesting to see if the next issue addresses fixing them. I don’t remember offhand.

    Another instance where we see the Packs greatest power: charming any heroes that get to know them. The casual contacts don’t see it, but any heroes that work with the kids sees their smarts, bravery, and selflessness. It did my heart good to see Dani give Julie a hug.

    My oh my, Mephisto likes that franchise idea. I can’t promise anything, but he might have something to say about that later. We’ll see.

    Hope Rick had a great time at Wizard World! Till next time, Pack-men!

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    1. My feeling is that Stan lead a pretty standard life before he encountered to Pack….well, as standard as one could have when living in the good old 616. Since then he has been cursed with an interesting yet tertiary life and will go one having background adventures that will leave him scared emotionally but physically capable of continuing on.

      You raise an interesting point, this really was a New Mutants issue more so than a Power Pack issue…the Pack kind of got to guest star in their own comic.

      Spoilers, they never deal with the costume damage in comic. My belief is that they are repaired “Elsewhere”, much like where they are cleaned when they get dirty.

      It is pretty cool that other heroes quickly get on the respect train for the Pack,. They might look at them askance to begin with but quickly see them as peers…which is absolutely amazing.

      We get residuals off of all Pegasus wings sales and licensing…so keep that in mind for franchise costs. 🙂

      Always a pleasure to hear from you. Hope things are going good on your side. Until next time, Costumes Off!


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      1. I remember the secret of the costumes will be addressed eventually, but I couldn’t remember if we get another hint sooner, like Friday’s “Elsewhere” comment a few issues ago. This re-read is so much fun!

        Mephisto gladly pays residuals, but I don’t think you’d like his currency. Ew.

        Adios! Costumes Mend!

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