Power Pack #59: At the Circus

You can listen to the episode by clicking: Episode 77.

Beer and Book

Step right up! Step right up! Welcome one and all to the greatest show on Earth, presented by Jeff and Rick! It is the one…the only…UNPACKING THE POWER OF POWER PACK!!!!

Look into My Eyes

See! The lights of the universe! The infinity of the world! The grandness of timeless space!!! The insanity that comes from seeing it all!!!

Not Tonight Honey

Bring your family! Bring your friends! If your family has left you alone, then bring a completely mysterious stranger! Just bring yourself! You do not want to miss this!!!! Even if your family hates you!!!

Leaving Home

Enjoy the magic of the big top! Experience the smells and sounds!!! Take a trip, and do it now!!! Don’t wait for anyone to tell you no!!! RUNAWAY FROM HOME AND JOIN THE CIRCUS!

Look into My Hand

Meet the master of the circus! Listen to his riveting speeches and watch his mesmerizing performances!!! Enjoy the feeling of your wallet being lightened by the wondrous side shows and entertainment!!!

That Sofa

Meet the wonderful and amazing performers! Listen to their tales of mystery and excitement! Watch how they hop, leap, fly, and steal their way into your heart and imagination! Be one of the audience and experience the wonder!!!

The Gang is Not All Here

Come to the circus!!!! Enjoy the sites and the sounds!!!! Meet your new family!!! Learn how to steal, rob, and take everything you possibly can from anybody and everybody!!!

Cheap Special Effects


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Eighties Action by Kevin MacLeod
Link: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/3703-eighties-action
License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

 Urban Gauntlet by Kevin MacLeod
 Link: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/5012-urban-gauntlet
 License: https://filmmusic.io/standard-license 

4 thoughts on “Power Pack #59: At the Circus

  1. Wooo! Well, this was like going to a checkup in bad shape physically and getting some good news, but not a clean bill of health.

    I think a lot of the things that fall flat is attributed to the moving about of editors again. I pictured Michael Higgins in that Charlie Day meme where he has the note cards and all the red string connecting them. Of course it was probably a Fantastic Four story he repurposed for another title completely different.

    I also think that this may have been in that time frame where Marvel editors were constructing family books to run, One was for X-Men, one for Spider-man, and so on. This may be why there are so many off the wall and wild moves in this last bunch of stories. You have a critically and professionally
    acclaimed book that its publisher wants to break out into the next big thing. I see it as there was a perception it could be New Mutants 2.0 back in the early 90’s. All you needed was a hook and the right artist… and you get Higgins and Morgan. The 90’s were wild

    The circus of crime I fondly remember from John Byrne’s first few issues of She-Hulk. Sometimes villains are just bad at their job and this bunch reminds me of a sideshow variant of the Injustice Gang.

    Your feature kids perspective continues to impress. It’s fun to think as Carrie has gotten older, her view of the issues get more wise and perceptive. I wish there were some fellas on certain social media sites that could be more like Carrie with their assessments of a title.

    Looking forward as always to the next episode!
    Jeremy Dawe

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “I have ideas for a story to do for the FF.”
      “You’re on Power Pack now.”
      “Doesn’t change a thing, they can guest in my comic!”

      That might be how that went.

      Yeah, this title saw like three different editors for it’s last ten issues I think. That had to have had an impact on it.

      The Circus of Crime is a team that never fails to put a smile on my face while simultaneously making me go, “Ugh…not these guys again.” They are just so comically bad and I love the fact that the Ringmaster calls them out on this fact in the issue.

      It is amazing to me how much Carrie has grown and matured over the last three years, you can really hear it in her segment and how she is interacting with the issues…and the issues in the issues. Now I am curious as to what ” fellas on certain social media sites” you mean. But maybe I don’t really need to know. Don’t need to stir that pot.



      1. Oh, I’m talking about random and impassioned fans who just really tear down any and all storytelling being published today, in favor of what they cherished as a young person. That engagement with issues within issues that still can occur is resisted against. There used to be a shop owner here in my town years ago that made the error of just dogging out what was current. I thought that was so counter productive. I wasn’t intending to stir a pot at all. People’s passion for nostalgia really can cause tunnel vision to what’s present.


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  2. Ahh, got it. The nostalgia glasses can really affect a lot of people. If it isn’t a beloved favorite that has put itself into the comfort part of the brain then it is no good. I have been nostalgia challenging myself over the past several years. Watching beloved properties and re-evaluating them with my current mind set and such. Some stuff holds up. Some stuff…well, it doesn’t hold up so good when I shine a modern torch to it. A version of this are people that only like the music that they listened to in high school. Now, I can understand this, what with it being formative years and all, but it seems really limiting to me. Expand, grow, experience new experiences. There, that’s my soapbox for that.



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