Power Pack #21: The Great Goo-Gam Treasure Hunt!

You can listen to the episode by clicking: Episode 26.


Oh, a wiseguy….huh!!!!

Since I First Met You

Half of Power Pack finds themselves mixed up in a kidnapping plot of Katie’s favorite author….and the bad guys are two thirds of the Three Stooges…..


I swear to some deity that I am not making this up.

Lonesome Town

Yup, it is the Great Goo-Gam Treasure Hunt! In this episode, we have instructions for escaping car trunks, really bad impressions, a new microphone, an exotic beer,  a web-head cameo, and violence towards a cat….cause why not.

Bustin' Surfboards

There is some great art in this book, and an interesting story idea. Also there are paint cans and guns.

Let's Stay Together

There is also a space ranger….DON’T JUDGE!

You Never Can Tell

Now, I do not want to threaten you, so I will leave that to Jack….

Son of a Preacher Man

But if you listen to us, you may get an amazing prize!!!

Girl Youll be a Woman Soon

(Mannequin Lawyer says we have to tell you that you will not get a prize, as there are none, amazing or otherwise)

Things are happening in the Jeff and Rick Production office! We have the next two episodes recorded, and they are both very….very special, so be sure you are ready to listen to some great upcoming content. We suggest wearing some comfy bathrobes with hot chocolate.

Flowers on the Wall

Don’t forget support us on Patreon, https://www.patreon.com/JeffandRickPresent.  We are releasing monthly episodes for our Energizer and greater tiers, covering the alternate versions mini-series that started in 2005.

4 thoughts on “Power Pack #21: The Great Goo-Gam Treasure Hunt!

  1. Gonna hunt me some Goos. Gonna hunt me some Gams. Gonna spread that Goo on my Gams… NO! STOP IT! BAD TIM!

    Yeah, this was a cute little story. Not great, not “bad”, but cute. A lark. Just a lotta larking. Full of lark. Central Lark. Larking cute. (Stop saying “lark”!)

    I really don’t know what I’m doing now.

    I did wonder if the author was modeled after Louise or June back in the day. I can kinda see a resemblance to Louise? Maybe?

    And I may be an easy mark, but I really liked the ending bit. Anything which gets Jack to read is remarkable, and I enjoyed this side of Jack a bunch. (mark lark? STOP!)

    So, meeting authors. I actually didn’t do this much in the past. I went to a couple of comic cons in my 20s, but didn’t really meet creators or get anything signed back then. I actually chickened out of getting a comic signed by Mike Mignola (before his Hellboy days) which I regret. But about 8 years ago, I started attending a few local shows to sell some of my collection. (72 long boxes was a bit much.) And was delighted to start meeting a few pros, and that got me over it. Now I’ve been to 3 big shows the last 3 years, and have no trouble talking to even my idols. That goes to show I’m too old to care now.

    Here’s some funny things. I took my girls to a book signing by Raina Telgemeier. They LOVE her graphic novels! (I’ve borrowed, oh, ALL OF THEM myself, and yeah, they’re great!) We get to the front, Raina says “hello”, and my girls clam up big time. I completely sympathize, so I jump in with “they love your books” stuff, which made me feel better, but they were definitely the anti-Katies in that situation.

    The other, not really about authors, is going to a comic con in the evening while on a business trip, and some of my co-workers came along just to see what it’s like. My best bud is along and sees this pretty blonde cosplaying as a Star Trek Original Series ensign: red uniform, mini-skirt, you know. He really wanted to get a pic with her, but was all nervous and awkward and didn’t want to be creepy. Well, I swoop in as wingman, “just go say I really like your costume. can I get a picture with you?”. He did, she agreed, I took the pic for him, all good. But the funny part is, I’m the last person who should be anybody’s wingman with women! This story is still re-told around the office 3 years later of me being the “cool cat cajoling cosplayers” with equal parts incredulity and respect. Gotta say. It’s pretty awesome.

    Thanks for another fun episode. Oh, I’ve gotten thru 3 of the Patreon episodes! You’ve been warned. Now I better get the lark out of here. (Tim….)

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    1. We love the concept of this one, and we both have fond memories of it, it just quite what it could have been. I do like the Jack storyline and his rediscovering an old love, man, wouldn’t it be great to get a book in a series that you love that no one else knows about?

      It can be hard to talk to people that you know all about but don’t know. Really all the interaction is just you getting the chance to say “I like what you do” but it is hard to figure out a way of doing that when you are worried about getting lost in the crowd. Still, I think that creators are happy to know that there effort is appreciated.

      Hope you are enjoying the Patreon episodes, we have fun doing them as they are fun reads.

      Until next time “wingman” 🙂 have yourself a great one.


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  2. “I do like the Jack storyline and his rediscovering an old love, man, wouldn’t it be great to get a book in a series that you love that no one else knows about?”

    You know what that means? Jack’s gonna grow up to be a sci-fi nerd! I totally want to see geeking out teenager Jack! Of course in the Marvel U, so much of that stuff is “real”, so it’s more sci-fact-ion?

    I enjoyed the heck out of the Patreon episodes! Feedback sent via the Contact page, but also some short snippets on the Patreon page. Because it’s me.

    “Wingman.” 🙂

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    1. That would actually be pretty interesting to see Jack come into his own in the sciences, even if it was just in being a sci-fi fan. Hmmmm, that would actually give him and Julie to bond over too, a mutual love of books. They could disparage each others book choices and then secretly read each others favorites. Then it would be neat to have them each find out the other is reading their favorite and then have a book club about it….stories kind of write themselves don’t they?

      Glad you like the Patreon shows, they are fun to do but still a bit of work so it is nice to know they are liked….now to figure out how to find the comments section for them…


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