Power Pack #24: When You Wish Upon a Star

You can listen to the episode by clicking: Episode 31.


I would like to apologize for the low energy in this episode. Rick was not feeling well, so we can just blame it on him.

That Face

And it is a shame too, because this is a pretty good issue. Sure, it starts off in a dark cave with Katie drowning in a pool of water, and the other Power kids are still captured, and Franklin runs away from home, and Kofi is shot at……

Thanks Jeff

Hang on…..this sounds horrible!  Why would anyone do this to a bunch of kids! I thought this was supposed to be a happy, silly, kids book!?!?  What is going on with all of this capturing, torturing, maiming, and war!


The Claw

Don’t worry folks, low energy Rick or not, this duo of daddies will dust themselves off and deliver you, our listeners, a delightful detailed description of these deeds. So sit back, relax, and listen to the gentle popping of lava bubbles.

Bubble Bubble

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The Faces of Heroes

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Picture Time

2 thoughts on “Power Pack #24: When You Wish Upon a Star

  1. Dang, this was a good ‘un. Randoming the thoughtizations now.

    So many great bits with Kofi: foreshadowing of the new Jackhammer, his “this is crazy, I’m gonna die” moment, running on all fours got a song in my head. My Little Kofiiiii. The Kymellian emblems take the place of cutie marks. … I’m not a brony. Really. I just watched the show when my girls did. … LOOK! SQUIRREL!

    And Frank was the bigtime hero. Using his powers in new ways to save Kofi, and getting Friday involved. Just excellent.

    When it comes to being in space, Frank was definitely in the Baxter Building when Kristoff von Doom blew it up in FF #278, but far from the same thing as travelling in a Smartship.

    Lord Yrick? More like Lord Y-jerk, amirite???

    “Fell into a plothole.” ROFLMAO!

    My only thought on Kofi using the lava bubble was he picked one far from the lava, and it must cool really fast in order to be solid at all. That might have helped, albeit a big stretch, but that’s comics for ya. I simply love that tactic.

    When Julie says “Now my face hurts” at the bottom of the “let’s taunt Jakal” page. Tickled me so much.

    I’ve seen Marvel Unlimited fix and change things in other comics, so I don’t understand them not fixing the page order in this comic. Sigh.

    Congrats on all of the feedback for the Weezie interview!

    I think I’m all randomed out. Time to pack it in. Hah? Hah?


  2. Hah? Why yes, hah. I have never gotten into My Little Pony, but I have heard that it is good and Patton Oswald does a great bit about it. I have no qualms about anyone being a fan of it, or any media for that matter, as it is just nice to be able to find something that you enjoy. At some point I am sure that I will check it out and love it, it is just that my media consumption time is severely limited and I don’t even get to watch/listen to the things that I am already a fan of. There, that is my very accommodating soapbox and I will now step off of it.

    The lava bubble is just a really cool idea and I am really glad that it exists…whether or not it could exist is besides the point.

    We (Rick) has sent in a couple of fixes to MU…wonder if anything will ever come of it. I could totally see why they hadn’t fixed this one, as it is a legacy mistake so why redo work from 30 odd years ago.

    The Weezie interview was a lot of fun for us, so we are glad that other people enjoyed it as well. I keep thinking of other things that I want to ask her…maybe in the future? Also, I should probably write them down as I also forget them all the time as well.

    It is in fact time to “Pack It In” (Oh you! I see what you did there!) so I will bid you a good day or night…whatever is appropriate for your circumstance.


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