Power Pack #37: Seeing the Light

You can listen to the episode by clicking: Episode 48.

I Am By Your Side

Greetings from the Pack-Men (trademark pending….yeah right)! We are back with another tale of four kids with powers doing that New York thing…..wait a minute, my esteemed partner in chat has just thrown a wadded up piece of paper at my head….oh…yeah….right. I meant to say FIVE kids with powers doing that New York thing.

92 Days of Rain

And we ain’t talking about Franklin Power! But what is this New York thing that I am talking about? Honestly, being from the west coast, I have no idea, and it just sounded cool. Also, I really do run out of witty things to say sometimes. Ow….just got hit with another balled up piece of paper.  You better stop that Jeff… you would not like me to get angry.

Angry Young Man

I guess we should talk about this issue a bit. Like I alluded to above, we have a new powered up child. This is Rebbeca Littlehale. She has stars in her eyes and is going places.

Eurasian Eyes

No…..seriously! She literally has STARS in her EYES and she is GOING PLACES. I do not just write random things and make jokes based on pictures we chose during our podcast! And again with the paper ball……oh yeah, that is exactly what I do.  Still, I am not going to write anything else until Jeff apologizes to me.

So Visable

Ok…fine…I will write some more. The kids meet and help a young girl who has some truly terrifying powers.

Spot You in a Coalmine

Luckily, these kids have everything under control. I mean, they are Power Pack! The greatest kid team EVER! FIGHT ME!

Rain on Me

That is about it for our little synopsis. Pretty simple little story. I guess we just have one thing left to say!

Never Surrender

That’s right…Costumes Off!

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3 thoughts on “Power Pack #37: Seeing the Light

  1. Hello, Pack-Men! So good to have another episode of the Pack-Men talking up Power Pack. Hey, I wonder where you came up with that Pack-Men name, Pack-Men? Hmmmm???? (IT WAS ME!)

    Ok, I don’t get negative much (*cough* Countdown to Final Crisis.) ((Quiet, you!)), but I don’t like Velutto’s art in this issue. Yes, it’s his early work, but it’s just so “whatever”. Sure, I’ve been spoiled by the regular artists, but previous fill-in artists have done great, too! This just was fairly dull looking. I hate to say it, but I’m going to hold out hope that he’ll get better.

    The story was also very much a story, and it had things happen that were things. Not a lot of meaning for our heroes, but it was still pretty fun. And a good thing for their plan that Rebecca saw Alex’s power ball, and not some other bright object. Like Captain Marvel. Or the Human Torch. Or Storm oh wait the X-Men are in Australia now, whew, close call. Or, since it was during a storm, Thor doing lightning-hands! Dang, there’s a lot of flashy heroes in New York.

    But wait, Julie’s note! She put it in her pocket. So she still has it. What’s that you’re soaking in? (Forrrrrrreshadowiiiiiiiiiing.)

    Thank you for another great episode, Pack-Men! Oh wait, is that trademarked now? Dang it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So where did we come up with the moniker, “Pack-Men?” Well Tim, like the good magicians that we are, we never reveal our tricks to the audience. I would have to say that it came up naturally from our witty banter and dialog, and not from any outside forces that we are aware of. So if there was some slight influence from our surroundings the world will never know about it. (Tim, put your hand down, it isn’t answer the unasked question time yet….besides, you already know the answer: You came up with it a long time ago and graced us with it, which over joyed us to have it in our vocabulary, so thank you for that.)

      A lot of comic art to me is “fine” and serves as a medium to move along with the story. A tiny amount is “amazing” and has me absorbing the page long after I am done with the reading. A tiny amount is “bad” and pulls me away from the writing which will be dragged down by the quality of the art. I found this art to be in the “fine” category as a month later I am not really giving it any thought at all. I tend to not pay to much attention to artist or writers careers, so I don’t really know if Velutto’s art got better, stayed the same or got worse….that is a mystery for another person.

      There are in fact a lot of flashy, and not so flashy, heroes in New York. The way that I see it is that every skyline scene in comics should look like Astro City…just inundated with flyers and shapes lurking on perches around the town. But if every comic did that, I have to admit, it would take away from the title that you are reading, since any adventure would be swarmed with capes.

      Is the note in Julie’s pocket foreshadowing, or is it just a wet fish? Only time will tell! DUN DUN DUN!
      (I really don’t remember, as it has been thirty years since I have read that far in the series.)

      Thanks for joining The Pack-Men (TM) on another audio adventure Tim The Podcrasher (TM), looking forward to hearing from you again next time on…the name of our show (TM)!

      PS Tell your family “Hi” for us and tell your daughter that we are glad that she is doing better.


      Liked by 1 person

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