Power Pack #31: Crack-Down

You can listen to the episode by clicking: Episode 41.


All the way from the deep dark stories of cosmic Marvel, we are proud to welcome Al Sedano from the Resurrections- An Adam Warlock and Thanos Podcast.  And we welcome him to this weeks edition of the adventures of Furious Boy. He hates drugs, he is a teenager, and he has super powers. Oh Boy….What trouble can he get into now!

Short answer….a lot. But luckily he has brought along his family for back up….right….right?

Flying Dutchman

Okay, wait a minute. I am getting confused. Isn’t Alex supposed to be on a rage infused, one boy crusade against the evils of crack ever since the brother of his former long time rival, current short time best friend was killed by cops for robbing a grocery store?



What, am I boring you now!!?

Goodnight all

Well that is just rude!

The Flying Frenchman

Okay…in all seriousness, we continue our talk about how Alex has really gone off the deep end. He is sure that he can single handedly rid the world of crack. And he is just not caring who he upsets.

Upside Down Arguement

And his attitude has a lot to be desired….but at least Jack is wearing a mustache through the whole issue.

Grumpy Cat

We are also proud to provide you with your own recipe for crack, straight from our science corner. We did not know we had the recipe hidden back there, but after we cleaned out all of the rats, we found a lot of interesting stuff.

Rat Attack

So join us as we try to clear up some of the fog that probably exists after reading these confusing notes.

Razor Rips

Oh…also there is the super villain (?) team Trash….so yeah…. probably should have mentioned them.


You can find more of Al Sedano’s podcasts at this website: https://asedano.podbean.com/, or find him on your favorite podcatcher at Resurrections- An Adam Warlock and Thanos Podcast. You can also find him on Twitter as, @AdamThanosPod.

Super Skyline

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During the episode, we referenced a fantastic article written by Dr. Osvaldo Oyola. Here is the link to read it.  https://themiddlespaces.com/2015/12/22/power-pack-says-crack-is-wack/

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2 thoughts on “Power Pack #31: Crack-Down

  1. Another fun, light romp of superheroic adventure! No, no it was not. But boy, did I enjoy this issue. Jon Bogdanove gets the lion’s share of the credit. The body language of the kids was superb, and so much energy to it. Yes, Alex’s “I’m angry” mode was a little “one note”, but then there’s that final panel smile. Nice.

    I couldn’t agree more with the art picks. My favorites: “YAWN!”, Katie’s “Oh my tummy”, and the three kids “the Oscar goes to” close-up. So much great stuff this issue! And Jack’s mustache. OH MY GOD, JACK’S MUSTACHE! Does he remember to wash it off when he changes into PJ’s before flying off after Alex? Nope! Because Jack.

    Trash is certainly a troubling group. But it was pretty amazing back in the day to get a villain kid group, after years of letters page requests for one. My own thoughts:

    Razorcut is truly the Wolverine of the group, in that he’s a loudmouth tough guy, but doesn’t actually lead the team! That’s 80’s Wolverine. He changed a lot after the 90s.

    How strong is Airhead? Did you notice her carrying Brute to fly him out of the crack house when it exploded? No matter how much lift her head gives, her little arms still have to support the big guy. That’s hella strong for a tiny girl!

    Crazy Legs is my favorite. Seriously. He’s smart, a team player, actually seems more like the team’s leader in the next issue, and has a wonky powerset. Now his outfit is a bad stereotype, however, while I may be overthinking it, I wonder if Weezie and Jon just depicted what lots of black kids that age were wearing in New York at the time? And why would the kids dress that way? Representation. Black athletes that they admired and wanted to emulate. As they should. That gives us a little insight into Crazy Legs immediately. Plus, those shorts are extremely practical considering his powers. Does Trash have access to unstable molecule costumes? Heck no!

    Thanks for yet another laugh-filled episode, as the team-up podcasters continue, with my bud Al! It makes me super-happy that I got to lead this off, so thanks for having me, Pack-men. Till next time!


    1. I honestly want to call this run the, “Jack’s Mustache Trilogy” and be done with it. The main take away from this is that I love a little mustache on an eight year old. I just really want to see him twirl it as he thinks up a heroic (dastardly) plan.

      Trash is interesting. A child super villain group that isn’t the Hellions…I am down with that. Still though…hmmmm. They are a little tricky. And yes, I noticed how strong Airhead is. She is never overtly picking stuff up, but man o man does she have a grip strength on her. Crazy Legs is a surprising stand out…he is like a competent Stiltman. You are correct about his shorts being very practical for his power set as well.

      Glad you got to join us for the launch of this memorable run…this does appear to be a storyline that people tend to remember. I don’t know if I mean that in a good way or not.


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