Power Pack #38: Little Bo Peep Has Lost Her Sheep

You can listen to the episode by clicking: Episode 50.

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman

You better listen to this podcast or I will send a gang of mean (pirate) girls to smack you around and steal your toys!

Teenagers From Outer Space

What….too much?…Fine, I will tone it down a bit. How about if I threaten to send a monster to scare them? Can I do that?

The Monster That Challenged the World

Fine, fine…..this is just a nice little story about Julie having a present stolen and how she got it back. But it is a nice story, and we want you to listen to our funny podcast. What if I told you that you will get a bunch of gifts if you listen?!

Teenage Cave Man

What do you mean false advertising?! How do you know that I wasn’t going to follow through on this?….They don’t know! What do you mean I just told them? You mean I typed this…….oh…..LOOK OVER THERE….A BOY LIFTING SOMETHING AND A SHRINKING GIRL!

The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Well, now that we have completely sold everyone on this awesome episode of our fantastic podcast, I guess we should just stand around and look smug. Can we do that? Good!

Plan 9 From Outer Space

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The Space Children

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The She Creature

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2 thoughts on “Power Pack #38: Little Bo Peep Has Lost Her Sheep

  1. Hooray! Time for another fabulous adventure with Yoda the hamster and his family! I can’t wait to see what that rascally rodent is up to this time! Let’s see… not on the cover? That’s odd. Well, let’s just open this up… not on the splash page… no… nope… uh… wait, no Yoda in this comic at all??? What a GYP!!! (table flip) Ok, ok, I’m fine now. I guess this is about the Power Pack instead. Fine, I’ll read it anyway.

    This was a cute story. That’s pretty much it. Cute giving the kids a real world problem where they can’t just go all out with their powers like a giant robot or aliens or superheroes wearing pajamas. And not a deep issue like the Crack storyline. So it told a story and things and it was better than no Power Pack.

    Let’s see, Alex had a several issue story, Julie had this, Katie had one. I think Jack is the only one that hasn’t had a story where he was the focus. He and Katie shared the Great Goo-Gam Hunt, but nothing for Jack alone. Oh dear, that can’t be good. Pretty sure that’s how most supervillains got their start. That, or a superhero accidentally causing all of their hair to fall out.

    Do you guys think stories like this lead to later writers wanting to use Julie by herself more? Like in Runaways and Avengers Academy? Hmmm.

    Rankings? I SUCK at ranking things. I’ve said that before. I’m such a dad, “They’re all good in their own way.” I enjoy hearing you guys working on the ranking, but I have no skin in this game. So, you must be doing it perfect! You’re welcome.

    Oh my, you mentioned me quite a bit this episode. Far too kind, my Pack-Men. Excelsior!


    1. Table flip is right! This is a Yoda the hamster comic and Yoda the hamster based podcast and if we aren’t getting Yoda the hamster content what are we supposed to talk about? Power Pack? How, they are B roll characters at best in this Yoda the hamster series.
      Hmm, you are right-ish about there not being a Jack solo story. He did focus heavily in the baseball issue though. And he was the main focus in a Marvel Fanfare issue that we just recorded tonight. I think that this will not push him on the villains path though. I think that he will do that just because it is more fun! 😉
      I will be honest, I haven’t read any of the past Power Pack story lines for Julie. I am not sure why she started getting more pull in the future than any of the other characters…maybe it is the rainbow? Not sure, I think that she was just a writers favorite character so she got more focus and then she was an established character with ties to other groups that other writers would then use.
      Here is another truth bomb, I am not a fan of ranking things either. I don’t want to snub someone’s efforts for the work that they did to entertain me, especially when I like the thing as a whole. Call me a dad on that one as well, “You did swell, sweetie!” is my motto.
      If we referenced you a bunch it is because you deserve the attention you wonderful human being you.


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