Power Pack #35: Life or Death

You can listen to the episode by clicking: Episode 46.


Back before crossovers got out of control, there were simpler and more contained Summer events, such as Fall of the Mutants. Luckily for us, but unlucky for the Power kids, Louise Simonson was writing Power Pack and X-Factor. So guess who gets to play with the adults for an issue!

Party Time

So what are we talking about here? Well, some yahoo named Apocalypse decided to drive into New York for the evening with some of his buddies…..you know, the Four Horseman.  And when they drive in, they drive in in style!

Dude Wheres My Car

This issue has wonderful art, amazing writing, and some top notch scenes. Plus, it ties in perfectly with X-Factor #25. Seriously, some of the scenes are directly linked. And, this issue has amazing insults!

Pig Nose

So don’t answer that phone!


Turn on the lights!


And don’t be confused!

Which Way Did She Go

Just listen to us….and READ THIS BOOK! Or, you may just be sent…..to the NY Transit Tunnels!


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4 thoughts on “Power Pack #35: Life or Death

  1. Let me see, if I’m understanding you guys right, you really like this issue. Allow me to propose a counterpoint: ME TOO! (Or maybe I don’t know what a counterpoint is.)

    No doubt, reading this issue without the parallel X-Factor issue misses the whole story. I did read that X-Factor issue when it came out, and felt too lazy to try and re-read it now, but I had enough of the gist that I was ok with just PP. And dang! It’s just so good!

    Maybe you guys talked about the overt theme of “momentum” in the story, but I also like the subtle undertone that the Pack was swept into Fall of the Mutants by the sheer momentum of the event, as a story, and as a parallel of everything happening in NYC.

    Alex was working really hard to save the Statue of Liberty in fantastic fashion. Maybe this will get him over his power pity party. Maybe? No? No.

    Katie’s insult to Pestilence was beautiful. I can honestly say this was on par with a Spider-Man quip, because she’s 5. Spider-Man would have been “I’m sorry ma’am, New York doesn’t allow flying horses without a permit, and where’s your plastic baggy to pick up after it?” Katie however brought the BURN! “Ugly, stupid, mean, pig-nose super-villain!” You go, kiddo!

    And really, all of the kids did good stuff, so yeah, pretty awesome!

    Except… remember all those people Jack and Katie saved from the top of the Statue of Liberty? And put them on the ground of Ellis Island? Then the big ship splashes into the river and a huge wave washes over the island? Where the people are? Ummmm…..

    Favorite artwork was so hard this issue. It’s all so dang good! Even something like the Healing Huddle, which isn’t dynamic, looked great. And just as a capper, Bog-man’s style complements Walt Simonson’s so well, the two issues have even more synergy from that!

    No more Gee Force? Can’t say I’m surprised, since Alex is really letting us down. I know he said “Gosh” in this issue. Come on, man! You had a brand all built up! Way to blow your endorsement deals.

    Thanks for the laughs, my friends! Happy holidays!

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    1. A counterpoint is when you point at a counter, so I guess it really could be just about anything really.

      I was the same as you, just read the Power Pack part and had vague memories that it was a mirror to X Factor….honestly, I forgot that too as Rick had to remind me by showing the issue to me. I have it somewhere but never got around to hunting for it. To much to do.

      We touched on the momentum theme one time I think. I wanted to hit that note more, but it was hard to fit it in narratively or in a funny way but it just wasn’t working, so on the cutting room floor that stayed.

      Alex is a king at throwing pity parties, so much so that I want him as an event planner for my pityinceanera. I am a little sad that he has relinquished his G Bomber crown though as he used to be a king of the G things as well.

      As for all the people at the Statue of Liberty. I also had that thought, that they all got washed away but on rereading I noticed that Jack and Katie evacuated them not to the future deadly ground, but but to the feet of the statue which was above the waves. It makes no sense for them to have done this, but they did and it paid off for the people that got rescue trapped by them.

      I know it i a little late now, but it has been a busy season: Happy holidays to you and yours my friend, I hope that all is going well in the New Year.


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      1. If I don’t get invited to your pityinceanera, I’ll be so depressed, I’ll need a pityversary party to get over it. I sense lots of business opportunities for Alex Power: Pity Party Planner Productions.

        I only have one “momentum” joke, but it’s just for the group fitness class I teach. “For this exercise, use mo’ muscle, not momentum!” … I’m so so sorry.

        No apologies necessary, I know all about the busy. Besides, the new episode *just* came out, so that’s on time in my book! Happy New Year, my friend!


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