Power Pack #34: Child’s Play

You can listen to the episode by clicking: Episode 45.


Put down that picket sign and make sure you grab an air horn, ’cause Hub from Titan up the Defense is in DA HOUSE!!!!

Da Guys

You read that correctly dear listener! In our ever growing quest to invite all of the Portland area comic book pod-casters to Rick’s house to spill beer on the carpet, we have managed to capture another one!

Katie Pig


And if these sentences smell funny to you, that is because we are reviewing a strange little tale. Guest staring… Madcap?!?!

Lame Parkour

So I am assuming that you have never heard about Madcap, well I am not surprised. He is on the odd side of Marvel villains. He’s a little to powerful and crazy for most writers to want to play with. But that will not stop us from hiking up our pants and tackling this nut.

Shoot the angel

Wait…..did those guys just shoot Frank?


Why is he cutting off his fingers?

Flathead Building

Why does Four Freedom Plaza look like a Phillips head screwdriver?

Sick Thing

Why does the Thing look French?


ARRRRRGGGG!!!! Now I am crying!

Ghost Kid

All I know is that you need to listen to this episode, don’t be a ——


That joke will make sense if you listen to the show.

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Garbage Man

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4 thoughts on “Power Pack #34: Child’s Play

  1. For an issue this loony, you needed a guest to bring the funny. Hub was excellent! Sadly, I haven’t had time to listen to Titan Up the Defense (I know I should, I know), so this was a real treat. Thanks for having him on the show!

    When this issue originally came out, I read Madcap as OG Daffy Duck, which explains Katie and Frank thinking he’s funny. But Daffy doing his thing for real is dang terrifying, definitely what Mackie was striving for. The Daffy idea makes it even better for Katie to wear a Porky Pig mask, since they appeared in many of those early WB cartoons together

    I had to look up “Tissue? I hardly know you!” That’s uh pretty lame, Ben. Really.

    This episode was very in passing the time during a stressful day. Thank you very much, my Pack-Men.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The “Tissue? I hardly know you!” joke was so lame that I had to bring it up…it is terrible, but I can blame that on Ben being really sick. As you know, being ill can really do a number on your thinking and humor too.

      The consensus seems to be that people remember loving this issue and really loving Madcap…mostly due to his Daffy Duck like antics. As youths we delighted in this kind of behavior because it was tied into our psyche from the Loony Tunes. Fast forward to to many years to who we are now and Madcap’s behavior is a concern to us and isn’t what we think of as “fun” but a mental issue.

      Glad we could give you a distraction while your daughter was in the hospital. Glad to hear that she is doing better and in recovery, wish her the absolute best from us and that we are hoping she heals quick.


      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, she seems to be responding well, thanks!

      Oh yeah! That Aunt May/Franklin Richards issue from Marvel Team-Up #137 was part of the infamous Assistant Editor’s Month, where every Marvel comic in October 1983 had a twist of some kind. This was one of the few that was an outright spoof/humor story. Loved it!

      Tim-splaining, done!

      Liked by 1 person

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