Power Pack #39: Lights, Camera, Action!

You can listen to the episode by clicking: Episode 51.

The Beer

This issue sees the return of old villains and a new friend….I wonder how that combination will work out. I mean, I know that I just said villain and friend, so that insinuates a level of animosity between the two, but you never know…Right?

The Catch

Wow! It looks like I was right! I mean, according to that picture above, it looks like the nice Mr. Boogeyman just caught Rebecca from falling a very great distance. Awwww…and he saved her dog too!

The Smoke

And look, the bag he put her in is protecting her from that chemical cloud! Why did Power Pack not help her?

The Wall

Oh, I see. They can’t even get over a wall. What a disappointing showing for Alex.  Why did he fail at such an easy task?

The Mock

Ahh, he was worn out from carrying Alison’s books. Yeah, that can do it. You do not learn this in school, but carrying books actually makes you tired. True fact!

The Lift

See, Alex should be more like Jack. He should not be carrying book, he should be carrying cars. Building up those car carrying muscles now will save your knees in the future.  This is a real fact that I saw on the news!

The Hit

Oh…hey….that lady that hit Rebecca was the reporter that told me all of these news facts! These can’t be true if the reporter hits kids…..Why that is just criminal!!!!

The Fire

And technically so is that……but I did not do it and you cannot prove a thing!

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2 thoughts on “Power Pack #39: Lights, Camera, Action!

  1. This is a really good issue. Poor Rebecca has a power that’s more a danger to herself, has no offensive capability without LOTS of logistical support, almost no chance for controlling, and an amazingly clever idea of a power, so hats off to Weezie for creating her.

    I did catch a tiny hint that last issue was a last minute rush. There’s one corner box that refers to Rebecca’s meeting Power Pack as happening “last issue”, but was actually 2 issues ago. Either an outright editorial gaffe, or a sign that this issue got delayed so much, they had to throw in the previous one as a fill-in, and nobody even had time to catch that corner box. Ah, the dreaded deadline doom comes for all.

    It’s great that Weezie is exploring the themes of racism and hatred in a non-X-book, because it drives home that hatred is not logical. Power Pack are not mutants, and that’s the point. Hatred doesn’t care about facts. It only burns. Great stuff. (And the Library Card segment was excellent, pulling the literal Witch Hunts into the mutant witch hunts.)

    “Why didn’t we ever make masks?” Good question. They’ll probably fix that problem next issue. Or the next one after that. Or … well sometime really soon, absolutely. And to make sure they remember to wear the masks, they’ll keep them right next to Yoda the hamster’s cage. That’ll do the trick. Yesiree-bob!

    Ok, I’ll say it. I wish Jon Bogdanove was drawing the issues. Don’t get me wrong, Sal Velluto is doing a fine job, and the panels where the kids are making fun of Alex carrying the books are delightful. But they get Bog-man to draw the covers, and there’s so much energy there, which Sal’s artwork doesn’t capture. And it kills me to be negative! I’m sorry!

    Hey wait! Bogeyman is playing the part of the wicked witch, right? Getting Rebecca and her little dog, too! So does that mean the Pack will be the ones on a … “witch hunt?” I don’t know what that means. Seriously. My brain is overdue for a tune up.

    Oh Carrie, you’re just the best. “I couldn’t do this without you, daddy!” AWWWWWWWWW!

    Till next Pack-time!


    1. Rebecca does have an awesome power, but with a very tricky….catch…to get around. Very limiting, and honestly very scary to have to live with from here on out for her. I don’t think that she ever got the full hang of her powers as we never saw her again in any setting after her run in PP was over. Hmmm, maybe she finally did look up at the moon and had a very bad day.

      Good eyes! Never caught the corner panel that you are talking about. I believe that it is there, but am to lazy to go looking for it.

      I think that they made masks, put them next to Yoda’s cage and then Yoda pulled them in. Her put the masks on and now fights crime as the Incredible Multi Masked Hamster! The kids keep looking for the masks that they made but can never find them.

      I hear ya. I prefer Bogs art as well.

      Later, buddy.


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