New Mutants #83: Bang! You’re Dead!

You can listen to the episode by clicking: Episode 76.5

Beer and Book

Wait!!!! What is happening here! This is a Power Pack podcast, what is this New Mutants comic doing here? This is not Halloween…..What is Mephisto up to????

Welcome to JLMAY 2021!!!

Oh….ok….that explains it. Jeff and Rick have been invited to play with a mess of other pod-casters who are all covering different issues of the Acts of Vengeance crossover from the 1990’s. Luckily they invaded Derek Crabbe from the Fanholes website to help them out.

Actual Portrait of Jeff, Rick and Derek

Ok., the Acts of Vengeance thingy was this big event where heroes fought villains who were outside of their own rogues gallery. In this case, they used two characters who were tan gently associated with the New Mutants to fight the Vulture.

Wow…Michael Keaton has let himself go

That is right, Rusty and Skids, those two crazy kids from the early days of X-Factor are in prison and trying to stop a bad guy. Good on you two! Way to not let the man keep you down.

Bring out Your Dead

But what about the real New Mutants you might task, where are they during this chaos? Are they sitting around trying on new costumes in preparation for the Leifeld run? Are they shrinking their feet? Nah…..well yeah….but they are really just on Asgard.


Back on earth, we are left with the worst episode of Judge Judy. A plan that is so bad……we have a few how bad are they jokes. And we have a guy that explodes.


So what does this mean to our listeners…..well probably just a lot of laughs. I mean, it is always enjoyable to watch people fall off a high-wire.

We Fall Down Now

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3 thoughts on “New Mutants #83: Bang! You’re Dead!

  1. Hello gents,

    This was a pleasant surprise in ye old inbox! I have never really had gotten into the Acts of Vengeance event and I blame that awful Typhoid Mary episode… ANYWAYS. The book sounded fascinating to read given the time and place with Liefeld starting his ascent and Louise still writing stories. Wiacek inking is a welcome treat and Rob… I have a warm spot in my heart for his art. Maybe its in the way casual fans take digs at it. Maybe it’s in the way his fan base is devoted to him. I just remember as I was toiling on making sequential art in high school, Liefeld looked attainable.

    With spring break starting, I have some time to listen to some of these other episodes! Looking forward to the next episode!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you liked the surprise episode. it was fun to do. For the life of me, I can’t remember if I knew about the Acts of Vengeance event or not. I feel like I should, but the old brain box can’t conjure up much about it. Probably suffering from years and years of Marvel events…What’s the current one? King in Black? Is that still going on? Hard to keep track what with every six months bringing a new world breaker event…but I digress, back to the subject.

      Ah Rob art. How it is loved and hated. We talked about this in an episode, but I think the reason that so many people fixated on it is because it was new. A new art style, filled with new looks and new feels. Check out the new coolness, this isn’t your grandparent’s art style. I probably loved it back in the day, but I think I got weary of it fairly quickly. Having something that you can look at and feel like it is attainable is a pretty big deal. That is the important step I take when I am learning something new. If other people could do it, then I should be able to learn how to do it too.

      Hope you enjoy the upcoming episodes, and I hope that you have a great Spring Break.



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