Power Pack #33: Special Effects

You can listen to the episode by clicking: Episode 44.


Do you know what one of my favorite mini-series was?

Wall Time

The Fallen Angels from the 1980’s.  And, it seems appropriate that we are releasing this episodes which features the wrap up of Sunspot and Warlock’s adventures with that group.

Look at Me

Ya see, they are kinda on their way home, and they meet up with Power Pack and wackiness ensues.

Sticky Stuff

What kind of wackiness, and how much wackiness……? Well, if we were to tell you that, then you would not listen to the show. And you know you want to listen to it. I mean…Why else would I waste my time writing this?


Wait….Why do I waste my time writing this? Do you read it? Well DO YOU!!!!

Pointless Fight 2

OK…I just need to relax and have a soda….or go to bed….or something. Oh yeah, Frank and Spider-Man are in this too.

Pointless Fight

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That's a lot of punching

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Reluctant Hero

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6 thoughts on “Power Pack #33: Special Effects

  1. My big takeaway from this issue is Bogdanove is fantastic at humor! This whole issue just let him shine. Oh, what if he’d been given a Warlock series to draw? How cool would that have been? The whole bit where Warlock accidentally swallows Julie, shows her in his belly, then pops her back out! Love!

    Hey, did you know Spider-Man was in this issue? Maybe I didn’t mention it, but I really like Spider-Man. Really, really. … just thought I’d mention that…

    Frank’s return to the book was a delight. There’s something so “fantasy” about Frank’s dream self in his Tattletale costume running through the sky. Now of course, his dream self can move at the speed of think, but what if he only moved as fast as Frank himself could run? And Katie saying “Come on, Frank! Let’s go! Oh great, we missed everything. ‘Thanks’, Frank.”

    After the “crack storyline”, it’s great to have some fun, fun, fun! Thanks guys!

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    1. I am a huge Spider-Man fan as well, but I don’t remember him being in this issue. Hold on a minute while I go and re look at the comic. Ahhh, I see what the problem is. The character that you saw wasn’t Spider-Man, but it was Cameo-Man. Cameo-Man appears in a lot of Power Pack issues for up to seven panels at a time before swinging off. I understand the confusion over this though as the two characters have very similar costumes.

      Ha! I love the idea of moving at the speed of Frank! Quick in short bursts and then needs to be carried because they are tired. Ahhh, the speed of a four and a half year old.

      Compared to the crack story line, this was a fun little diversion…a frustrating and fist shaking diversion, but still fun. I really like the fact that the Pack went out of their way to try and build up the self esteem of Sunspot, but that even their child like exuberance can’t get through his pointless drama.

      Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, see ya next time!


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  2. Umm.. you know… I don’t think I’ve ever left feedback on a show BEFORE listening to it. Until now. It’s along complicated story and series of excuses, but maybe I’ll just lie. That’s the lesson I learned from your show. “When in doubt, lie.” That… was the lesson, right?

    And it’s ok, you can laugh at the old senile nerd! LOL!

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    1. Hope you enjoy it when you get a chance to listen to the episode. I think you got the gist of the main message that we had this time, which was obviously:

      Lie, lie, lie until your pants are on fire and then lie about how they aren’t. If you are caught in your lie outright, then tell the truth. But then, go right back to lying as soon as you are possibly able to.

      Wait, wait…that was Jack’s message, not ours….silly me forgetting about that fact.


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